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Arcas Bear, the Vegan Sneakers with 13 Eco-Features, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter “Walk To Impact”

After 3 years of research and development, Arcas Bear, the world’s most conscious sneaker loaded with 13 distinctive eco-features designed to reduce our carbon footprint, officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Arcas Bear sneakers are fully vegan and sustainable, for all ages and all genders. Designed to solve environmental waste issues, consumers can “walk to impact” by wearing these dye free sneakers packed with natural raw materials such as coconut fibers, latex, cork insole (a natural antimicrobial), fabrics made of recycled water bottles, organic cotton shoe laces, metal-free eyelets, recycled rubber, and more.

Arcas Bear conscious sneakers are created for adults, parents & kids who care about people, animals and the planet. Arcas Bear is dedicated to solve environment related issues with the launch of conscious sneakers that are made to be stylish, lightweight, comfortable and responsible. Arcas Bear sneakers are ethically made in Portugal and Brazil.

“As a designer, as a human, as a mom, I decided to develop a product and invest in materials that are good for our planet. After years of research and the addition of 14 different suppliers, I created this unique sneaker as a response to waste pollution” said founder, Cynthia Arcas.

Arcas Bear sneakers are offered for adults and kids in high or low tops in seven colors: Star Particles, Northern Sky Energy, Fire Energy, Arctic Energy, Water Energy, Earth Energy, Space Energy. Six more colors will be unlocked after the kickstarter goals are met. Arcas Bear sneakers will be available in 13 colors and consumers will have their choice of pre-ordering from May 13th – June 13th. The 13 eco-conscious features offered by Arcas Bear are worth $189 and during the Kickstarter campaign the sneakers can be pre-ordered starting at $79.

“Arcas Bear is where sustainable products and eco-education meet” said Cynthia.

More than a sustainable brand with a californian mindset, driven by purpose and innovation, Arcas Bear is working closely with communities and schools to teach kids how to become responsible consumers through eco-education and an e-book collection. The goal is to raise awareness about how everyone can reduce their personal impact on Earth and become an active part of the solution.

For more information visit Arcas Bear on Kickstarter or at ArcasBear.com. High resolution pictures available upon request.

About Arcas Bear
Arcas Bear is a California based startup focused on developing conscious lifestyle products. Arcas Bear inspires adults and kids through sustainable collections and eco-education. Brainchild of female founder Cynthia Arcas Borghy, vegan & eco-conscious fashion expert. Arcas Bear’s goal is to connect, educate and empower the new generation around the globe.

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