Bridgett Artise A Leader In Sustainable Fashion at New York Fashion Week

Bridgett Artise the designer of the label “Born Again Vintage” made a stunning display with her latest collection at Sustainable Fashion Day during New York Fashion Week. Artise is a fashion icon in the New York scene.

She is a sustainable fashion expert featured in the New York Times, and published author of “Born Again Vintage: 25 ways to deconstruct, reinvent and recycle your wardrobe”.

A cutting edge fashion designer, Artise also demonstrates her fashion prowess within her own wardrobe. She’s someone you notice when she walks in the room.  Sustainable Fashion Day was certainly more credible with her involvement.


She’s a professor of Fashion and Sustainability at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and has a summer residency teaching Sustainable fashion in Paris. The collection she showed was a reinvention and reuse of recycled fabrics and textiles.  She spoke in the panel discussion earlier in the evening about up-cycling and trends in the sustainable fashion movement.

You can find out more on Bridgett Artise here: 

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FAD.District-WestWynwood, Miami/ South Beach, Florida – Fairwind Hotel

photo by Marcello Cassano

Save the Date FridayDecember 7 and Saturday December 8 th.  Art aficionados, members of the press and astute collectors are invited to participate in a full calendar of must-attend Art Installations from South Beach’s Fairwind Hotel on 19th & Collins –  to an all day garden party and collective art exhibition in the Miami Fashion Collective in the heart of the burgeoning  FAD.District in Westside Allapattah.

Two  days of Art Activations, receptions and events are set to coincide with ArtBasel 2018. Presided over by Lawrence Johansen of Livin’ Lux Publishing , Jennifer Sclafani of Showroom-305 and Media Partner’s AdAvenueGroup / VIPictures, the city wide pop-ups feature inspiring exhibits and a full complement of’s fine food by  Today’s Restaurant News  honored chefs  & 10 Collins Restaurant & Lounge in the Fairwind 4.5 star rated hotel. 

Unveiling – new works by DANIEL STANFORD, luminary of the pop novo genre returns to ArtBasel.  Rhianna, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian among his avid collectors.

YANLUIS BERGARECHE a masterful, world – renowned contemporary artist of Cuban descent, debut’s his ‘obras’ for the first time in North America.  Marcello Cassano , Antoine Verglas and Retna are slated to make an appearance.

Epicurean demo’s with all organic signature berry cocktails will be served.  Sheer Bliss.  Acclaimed fashion photographers and informal modeling of sustainable fashion by Flamingo Vintage Kilo-Pound, Showroom- 305 (SwimtheGlobe) , Thrift By the Pound in Flamingo Plaza and Pure Lorraine will provide sartorial  elegance and flair.


Friday – December 7 – Evening

A Collector & Media Reveal and Roof Top Preview Reception. The newly imagined historical  Fairwind – South Beach. A destination property & Soft Opening of 10 Collins Food & Spirits with Master Chef Frank Imbarlina serving his rendition of classic American Seasonal cuisine.

With deep culinary roots that span the globe, Chef Frank empowers his guests. His mantra is understanding “that eating is not passively consuming.” The reinvented Fairwind kitchen will be treating Art Basel guests with epicurean demonstrations, magical mixology  & delectable tasting menu,  apres-dinner reservations.   As is the case with many of South Florida’s top eateries 10 Collins Restaurant & Lounge’s Seasonal Menu is  globally eclectic. 1000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139   Book Rooms now! at their 13 Royal Stay Miami Hotels.

Saturday – December 8 -ALL Day to Sunset, Garden Party with an Open House- Out Door Garden Exhibit in West Wynwood ,Fashion Allapattah Art District – hosted by Miami Fashion Collective, art galleries & establishments in the immediate area. including all day dja’s at Flamingo By the Pound and live mural and artist showcase, come by for a bit of South  Brew. Boo ha…731 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127. 1 Blk West of I-95!  Beat the gridlock & take State Road 7 Avenue a North – South Corridor.   A palettes throw from Wynwood Art District. Sir Dylan Duke spinning sexy ambiance Complimentary Admission with Eventbrite RSVP. for media, influencers, art collectors and cultural aficinados.  Giving  Forward, with Livin’ Lux Full Calendar of Events beginning at $50. donation per guest. Proceeds to be donated in part to WisdomLand & Self Sustaining Shelters –, founded by Dame Munni  Irone of Beverly Hills, CA and the Churchill Center with Dr. Dana Churchill of DAFOH.og.

Art , Multi Media –   Fine Art & Photography Installations Culinary Excellence  curated  for the cultural connoisseur is celebrating its 9th South Florida/California iteration.

– Create- – Show – – Inspire-

A note of Appreciation to


And for those on a liquid diet founder of South Beach Brewery, Lorenzo Borghese and Trey Jagger, visionary entrepreneurs.  Borghese returned last week from a cooperative global confab expanding the South Beach Brewery Horizons.  He modestly down plays his role as a “Bachelor” in ABC’s ninth season.  The brewers will keep guests sated with beer based infusions of Strawberry orange mimosa , south peach Shandy and Blood Orange Sunset. 

A poem dedicated to Jewel of Russia Vodka-she always got a flask. now she got a heartache and a faded henna tat. lately i’ve been lonely and she’s been really sad. So we climbed to the roof top we took the last swig & took in the sky with a silvery slice of moon shivering on top.

her finger has a tan line but we don’t mention it. i can’t hold down my liquor
or my laughter so i spit.  she takes it like it’s agua she’s got those Russian genes.

An homage to Andres Verglas and Retna. Lawrence Johansen, Publisher LivinLux,  Jennifer Sclafani presides on December 8, All Day 731 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127 joined by Vintage Buy The Pound , at 719 NW 29th Street at NW 7th Avenue, and Francois Huynh, Former Project Manager Yahoo and current founder,  Cristiane Roget, Correspondent with visionary photo journalist Marcello Cassano.


Mastersuit: How to Dress a Man

The classic suit is one of the most difficult things to sew. The tailor’s professionalism and the quality of the material will determine how the costume will fit. But the slightest flaw will spoil the suit. Therefore, for the atelier it’s especially honorable to establish itself as a workshop.

Return to classics

Mastersuit has been engaged in bespoke and made to measure sewing for more than 20 years. In the first case, the costume is sewn completely by hand, according to an individual sketch in Moscow at the production of the atelier. In the second one, the client’s measurements are sent to Italy, where they are applied by modifying standard patterns.

Traditionally it is believed that men are more restrained and unpretentious in terms of clothing. Many people do not pay attention that they are wearing clothes of the wrong size, do not follow fashion trends and prefer something simpler and more understandable than a suit.

But there are situations when a suit is the only acceptable thing. You can’t participate a wedding or anniversary, a business meeting or an official presentation without a suit. There are positions that require it.

The creators of the atelier, Antonio and Ramos Palacios-Fernandez, decided to eradicate this stereotype and make Russian men love for exquisite and stylish clothes. They adopted respect for good clothes from their mother, a true professional. It determined their future path and business philosophy.

The principles of the atelier

Mastersuit changed the well-established image of male indifference to fashion. The first thing they did here was helping clients relax.

Sewing of one suit takes about 100 hour. Customer should definitely visit atelier 2-3 times. A real oasis of peace was createdto ease the “heavy burden” of fittings,. Here client can relax.

About 100 people work in the atelier. Six designers and three tailors with more than thirty years of experience are working on sketching and model development. Work in the studio is saturated. Tailoring one suit takes from 4 to 6 weeks. But this time is not wasted.

Talented employees of the atelier help to create an individual image and emphasize the best qualities of the client, taking into account the type of figure and appearance features.

Another principle of the Mastersuit is high demands on the material. If a small defect is found on the fabric, the entire batch is returned back to the factory and no longer cooperates with this manufacturer. The operation takes only the best fabrics of the foreign producers. Ungaro, LoroPiana, Dormeuil, etc.

Creating the image

Studio owners say that they already can see changes in customer approach to clothing. Customers ordered exclusively costumes of basic, neutral colors, but now they are increasingly choosing bright and unusual fabrics of the highest quality.

Mastersuit is increasingly moving away from standard sets of fabrics, buttons, catalogs. Here they create an image, selecting a ready-made harmonious image for everyone.

Men are not afraid to experiment with style and materials. This is all the merit of the Mastersuit. Boutique has demonstrated that fashion can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.





Company website:

The Best Fashion Shows To Attend

Get set for a flight Los Angeles – Paris and vice versa; as well as to the city of Milan, New York, London and Chicago, as we present to you the best fashion show events to attend around the world.

From the fashion weeks in Los Angeles, to those in Paris, London, New York and Milan, here are the best fashion shows to attend this year:

  1. Paris Fashion Week

Perhaps one of the most popular and most attended fashion shows in the world, the Fashion Week in Paris features various designer presentations which are held twice yearly in the French capital of Paris. The fashion shows have the spring/summer events as well as the autumn/winter show events.

The dates for the Fashion Week are usually determined by France’s Fashion Federation and are held in various venues in the City of Light.

In this fashion event, shows for men, haute couture and RTWs are organized. Famous brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Céline, Louis Vuitton, and others host their fashion shows every year in various centers around Paris.

The Fashion Week in Paris is among the fashion weeks dubbed as the Big Four, alongside the fashion weeks in London, New York and Milan.

The fashion shows in these big cities begin in New York, and then in London, followed by Milan and ending in Paris.

This recent years you could feel that Chicago is on the mood to celebrate fashion also. You can still grab your flight Chicago – Paris before LA Fashion week

An independent partnership with Chicago established business, Fashion Week offers a platform for independent fashion designers, producers and models.

FASHION WEEK was created to increase economic development in the area of fashion design, merchandising and modeling by working with all facets of the fashion industry to popularize, promote and celebrate the creative and artistic fashion culture and within the Chicago metro area

  1. The LA Fashion Week

This is a Fashion Week which holds twice in a year in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Biannually, many fashion show producers host fashion events in Greater LA, precisely in months of March as well as October. Traditionally, the 3rd weekend in these months are dedicated to the start of the fashion events.

However, recently, independent show producers have been timing Fashion Week-related events to come a bit aligned with the Los Angeles Fashion Market Week.

  1. The Fashion Week in London

The London Fashion Week is a fashion trade show which takes place biannually in London in February as well as in September.

The fashion show showcases more than 250 fashion designers to the international audience of popular retailers and media. As mentioned earlier, the LFW is part of the Big Four fashion weeks.

  1. The New York Fashion Week

Also one of the most attended fashion show in the world and part of the Big Four, the NYFW holds biannually in February as well as in September. The series of fashion events usually last for seven to nine days. During these fashion events, fashion collections of international tastes are presented to buyers, the public and the press.

The W is a replication of the older series of fashion events known as the “Press Week,” which was founded in the year 1943.

  1. The Milan Fashion Week

This fashion trade event is held twice yearly in the fashion-conscious city of Milan, Italy.

It is an autumn/winter fashion show which holds every February/March in the year. The spring/summer version holds every September/October every year.

The fashion week was established in the year 1958 as part of the global Big Four fashion events.

FLAMINGO-Vintage Pound-Grand Opening-‘It’s a Groovy Kind of Love’, Saving the Planet, Stylishly. Sept 21-22 ’18

by Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent  a division of  –  rsvp 310-220-9118

FAD.D. West Wynwood-Miami/ Be the first! in South Florida to experience American  Made Vintage from the Beat 50’s to the Disco 90’s  – Purchased by the Pound at Flamingo, Vintage Pound Grand Opening!  Guests are invited to attend the VIP Media Reception & Sneak Preview – Friday – September 21 from 4PM – 8PM.  The Grand Open House is slated to un-spool SaturdaySeptember 22 from  1 PM to 8PM.

Guests may r.s.v.p. at

The debut opening weekend of Flamingo, Vintage Pound, brings  a new breed of clothing retail that specializes in  retro wearable’s and collectibles curated and sold by the pound. The all-day open house celebration features a vintage car display from South Beach Classics.  Music by Jolt Radio, an online radio station based in the Fashion Allapattah Design District (FAD.D.) will showcase e-jays spinning  eclectic and genre specific vinyl for your listening pleasure.  Gourmet tasting menu’s with locally crafted libations will be served, so,  come with an appetite and empty out the penny bank.

Flamingo’s Vintage Pound Grand Opening has the entire Wynwood and Miami community rallying around the sneak preview. “We received 100’s of RSVP’s even prior to this announcement,” confirms Daniel Martinez, Founder and CEO of Flamingo – Vintage Pound and Vintage Kilo in EuropeDaniel attributes this out pouring to their loyal customers “passing the wordfrom FVP’s outlets in Manhattan, Houston, New Mexico and  Barcelona and now in the burgeoning Fashion Allapattah Design District, FAD.D.  (1 block West of I-95)

Daniel says “Add up 2 years in the build out at 791 NW 29th Street on the corner of NW 7th Avenue/441-StateRoad 7 in Miami , 33127 and an onerous permitting process,  this is one store whose time has come!” With T-shirt’s  to Tuxedo’s the average age of our inventory is older than much of our loyal clientele.  Our motto is  to Restyle – Refashion and Revamp.”

“Good things never die.  There is a new breed of shoppers that have made Flamingo, Vintage Pound  their first stop on the search for what makes-up their sartorial statement,” says Carmen Brizuela and Alexandra Suarez , Flamingo’s Miami stylists.  Carmen’s carefully curated looks change daily as bundles of new T’s, overalls, and slinky- sexy dresses arrive from America ports of call.

Among the co- hosts are Serge Achilles of “Hukilou“, Master Vegan Chef Rahien Jones and Patricia Jones author of the bestselling , ‘The New Vegan’ of Vegan’s Gone Wild. The food wise trifecta has made their name at their world famous ‘The New Vegan’ Delray Beach, Florida.  The word is out additional gourmet food trucks are invited to participate.

Flamingo – Vintage Pound Grand Opening Menu include ‘tastes of chickn’,  that isn’t – it is a succulent take on ‘jackfruit’ and chickpea.  For those who love breakfast 24 hours a day order up the TNV toasty waffle delight with farm fresh organic strawberries and just a dollop of Pena Colada  Yummii Frozen Liquor Bars ™ on top.

Also on the menu is the debut of Monsieur Poutine ™, an unabashedly savory collage of french-fried potatoes, beef gravy, and squeaky-fresh cheese curds.  “Did someone say low carb diet food?” says Catherine and Youri  Milfort.  This is  the quickest fix for a case of the munchies or a dog sled trip across the frozen tundra.   Youri, a native of Montreal, “hey”, boasts this is the  province’s gastronomic achievement reaching dizzying heights. Let Quebec be forever known as the place where poutine began.  Ask for a chaser of Code Rum ™ on ice for the perfect pairing.

“The event serves as a follow-up to the 4 day Swim the Globe  an official Swim Week activation, confirms Jennifer Sclafani, of  Showroom 305 and the Miami Fashion Collective a founder of the  burgeoning fashion-centric FAD District.

French – Spanish Vintners, from the Blue Bear International Corp, and purveyors of healthy edibles from gourmet organic baby food to plump Spanish olives will  be sampling throughout the two days. The menu is paired with beverages that include a blissful blend of  Soul Cachaca ™ and Pure Brazilian Coconut Water ™ poured pink from the sustainable coconut shell . For each bottle sold of PBCW the creators under the stewardship of CEO – Founder, Rob Paladino is replanting 1 square foot of the Amazon Rain Forest.   Rum Barcelo™ is blending signature cocktails with infusions of tropical seasonal fruit from our back yards.

Pump  up the volume on that unique fashion statement while being kind to our environment by reducing waste from fast disposable fashion.  Confirms Daniel, “Many items sell within minutes of their arrival at a fraction of the cost one finds at posh boutiques and mass market outlets.  Every item at Flamingo, Vintage Pound is one of a kind. No chance of seeing your body double at your next outing.  Hesitate  and that ‘must have’ is gone forever.”

Take Brielle, a recent Miami Ad School Graduate prepping for her first position at the esteemed Ogilvie Ad Agency or Axelle, a 18 year-old fashion model. The two are gearing up to win Flamingo’s mad dash at the Grand Opening sneak preview Saturday – September 22, 2018.  Axelle admits she was on the hunt for a pair of tight distressed jeans with a boot cut and the only problem she  encountered was the selection exceeded the need.  Buying by the pound “I bought three pairs for what would be the average price at a mall or posh boutique.  Two pairs for me and one for my bestie”.  Confirm’s Jennifer Sclafani, of Miami Fashion Collective, and founder of  Swim the Globe – “With the arrival of  Flamingo Vintage Pound is just one more anxiously anticipated addition to our burgeoning fashion destination.

Special thank you- gratzie tanti – Merci Beaucoup -Gracias a – Printopia – Meishan, Nicole, Serge Achilles  – James Quinlan –

SWIM THE GLOBE `18 – Steers the Course Toward a More Sustainable Apparel & Fashion Industry

For Immediate Release July 22, 2018

by Cristiane Roget, correspondent AdAvenuegroup -Forbes Francais –, Epoch Times

SWIM THE GLOBE `18 -Collections of sustainable Men and Women’s Resort and Swimwear modeled by a bevy of  breathtaking talent visibly having fun strutted the Swim the Globe Runway, this past week at the National Hotel – Miami Beach, a Beachside Resort.  The makers of SWIM THE GLOBE presented a calendar of non-stop events, product activations, top tier DJ’s, an inspired pop-up New York style Art Exhibit by the international club promoters of Kama Beach Club and gold gilded bottles of Lamborghini prosecco, Pure Brazilian Coconut Water and sips of Mega Way keeping  the-by-invitation only guests hydrated.

The grass root sponsors and underwriters embraced the vision of the Blue Water Mission during the opening night reception in the wood paneled and beveled glass lounge on July 12th.

The Summer Season previews (with many styles available for immediate delivery)  featured   Fyn, Nora,  PintArena Swim, Boto Men’s, Cover Male by John Casablanca,Voyage Swimwear, Amita Naithani, Guria,  Maylana and  Sunshine State.  Each collection is informed by the diversity of their ountry of origin with this year’s iteration featuring Brazil, Colombia, Canada, India, Boracay -Philippines, Puerto Rico  and the USA.


Allapattha/ Miami  In order to preserve our verdant resources;  SWIM THE GLOBE’s Official Calendar & Handbook , courtesy of PrintTopia USA, the STG event creators elected to limit printing to the “Collector’s Edition of the  Official SWIM THE GLOBE 2018 Handbook & Holiday Guide” .  Feel free to open this link to preserve your memories in the SWIM THE GLOBE  OFFICIAL PROGRAM.

SWIM THE GLOBE WRAP UP – These  photos say it all.




SWIM THE GLOBE 2018 – was called an “unequivocal success!” by the over 2000 special invited guests who meandered through the National Hotel Miami Beach, Beachfront Resort, a luminous recreation of mid century grandeur .  Guests languished about the endless Infinity Pool and leaned into the catwalk over four days and nights, under a canopy of blazing stars. “Swim the Globe was a fluid affair...” according to  James Eisele *  as he fervently innovated products shots with pop-up shop proprietors  that included Yummii Frozen Liquor Pops, Beniley Med Spa and her tubular Stem Cell based products, Desiree’s Boho chic bathing suits and  with guests hydrating with refreshing sips of  Voss and Pure Brazilian Coconut  Water .  According to Marisol Edwards, Marketing Director and Brand Ambassador,For each bottle of Pure Brazilian Coconut Water soldone square foot of the Amazon is being reclaimed.”  We are  “refreshing the world with pure purpose”, according to PBCW Founder Rob Palladino.

Several world debuts also took place in the midst of the festivities that included the launch of Bella Generation Hair Systems and the preview of the 2019 Vespa on display for the first time in South Florida.  Gratzie Tanti,  Tony C., Ken S. and Javier.

The STG producers Jennifer Sclafani of Miami Fashion Collective and Jeffrey Lubin a seasoned fashion curator that ran the runways at IMG were joined by friends, underwriters, sponsors the fashion forward and trend makers with the SWIM WEEK press corp documenting the proceedings.  “A grateful note of appreciation to all those, too numerous to name, who SWAM THE GLOBE with them this year”.  Anna Chu, who recently opened a vintage and consignment store at the Hotel Croydon – 3720 Collins Ave, Miami Beach 33140 (just North of Faena). A destination boutique has become a nust vist location for anyone seeking a unique designer fashion statement.  Anna styled Swim the Globe, she is known as the “Queen of Vintage” who has “dressed the world’! All of the producers and founders are committed to steering the course toward a more environmentally conscientious and sustainable Apparel Industry (and planet) in 2019, and beyond.

Up Next from – ColombiaModa Medellin Colombia, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Art Basil with Daniel Stanford in December 2018.

For more coverage link to : READ MORE


Colombia & South Florida Fashion & Textile Industry Rebounds – As Trump’s Trade Tariffs Escalate Today To $250 Billion.

To Circulate to 7,500 Fashion Writers and bloggers Tuesday – August 28, 2018-  6 AM EST

Miami.FL. / The Inex * Colombiamoda Fashion Week un-spooled July 25 -27 in the bucolic, post modern city of Medellin,Colombia. Attendance included 56,000 fashion-forward visitors, 13,000 domestic and international buyers, representing 13 countries.  Collections if the next ‘must have’ trends and soon to be classic designs were showcased by 500 exhibitors  and consecutive around the clock catwalks playing to capacity visitors of 1000 or more.  serenaded by man of the moment, JBalvin, a Medellin native.

Colombia’s  Fashion Week coincided with a post in Business of Fashion confirming, “A new round of proposed tariffs on Chinese goods ,with 200 pages of items including apparel and textiles, were valued at a whopping USD $250 billion!”

With over a third of US clothing imported from China, and despite assurances from the US Administration that the new tariffs would  impose “maximum pain on China, minimum pain on consumers,” downplaying the inevitability of price hikes and disruptions in supply chains is naive if not blatantly counter-intuitive.

Said Hun Quach, Vice President of International Trade for the Retail Industry Leaders Association, “Consumers, businesses and American jobs dependent on trade are  in the cross hairs of an escalating global trade war.”  The disruption of supply chains, the imposition of exorbitant tariffs (dubbed the “Trump Tax”) resulting in wavering confidence in exports are but a few reasons North Americans will predictably be suffering soon from sticker shock at the cash register. While many of the current administration’s  supporters may bear the brunt the agile among us are seeking alternatives. Colombia making for the ideal trade partner.

The new duties are “a reckless strategy that will boomerang back to harm US families and workers,” said David French, the National Retail Federation’s senior V.P.  for government relations, while laying the blame at the president’s shiny, elevator shoes.

As adversity is the mother of invention, Colombia’s apparel industry is joining forces with South Florida and California fashion makers and purveyors with a palatable push back to fill the looming gap.  Kacie Schweikhardt,  a curator for  the California based Pure Lorraine (PL+US) attended Colombiamoda, produced in part by Inex and Procolombia  whose mandate is to advance economic that is sustainable and transparent.  She attended Colombiamoda, prospecting for new eco-friendly collections to represent.   She observed, “Colombia’s fashion, apparel and textile industry is in ascendance.  It is positively positioned to assume the mantle as a top tier trade and sourcing partner, especially in Florida, the eastern seaboard and California.”

Colombia has historically been a major player in the manufacture of polyester, denim, leather attire, private label brands and accessories, with exports in 2017 rounding out at USD $225 million. “Colombia is assuming an aggressive stance with an eye on reversing the trend toward throwaway and fast fashion, that continues to decimate our planet. “We are developing a strategic alliance with a plastic waste recycler to manufacture a polyester that is a better quality, more durable and environmental friendly. We can actually tell you how many plastic bottles were recycled to make your shirt!, says. Dan Haime, Senior VP of Global Sales for his family owned and operated Textilia, S.A.S. “Granted it is a bit more expensive, and it remains to be seen if North American consumers are willing to put their money where their mouths are when it comes to investing in technology to reduce waste for the good of our planet,”  according to third generation Colombia textile manufacture Dan Haime of Textilia with headquarters in the capital city, Bogota. “Colombia’s relevance as a source and supplier of customized fabric, whether high grade polyester, denim, cotton, or other synthetics, and all manner of finished goods is on the rebound after a two year slump. The growth spurt is measurable and in direct proportion to restraints on the import of wearable goods from Asia, specifically China.”

A  downturn in Colombia export and domestic sales over the last two years may best be attributed  to “our adapting  to advanced technology, shifts in retail trends from brick and mortar  to ‘see now – buy now’ online commerce, and  ‘a Denim  slowdown,’  according to Natalie Kingham  of  With the  downturn demand for denim as the fabric de rigueur did not bode well for Colombia’s mainstay textile.


Caption: Textilia SAS , this is not your typical seamstress and alterations shop.

“As the trade war escalates, companies are looking to move production closer to reduce freight costs with higher levies on the horizon.  We in the Fashion industry are re calibrating by sourcing domestically and redefining the business that is   ” chimed in Jennifer Sclafani, President of Showroom-305 based in the Miami Fashion Collective located in the  burgeoning Fashion Allapattha Design District (FAD.D) .  “Entering its third decade, Colombiamoda, la Semana de Moda ® and the concurrent Textiles 2 Expo are the most significant fashion confab in the Latin American Hemisphere,” according to Sergio Echeverria, Fashion Coordinator – Pro Colombia – Los Angeles.

The bounce back in 2018 was palpable. Colombia is poised to revitalize its industry with superlative designers,  “that are not only ahead of the trends but are, in fact, creating them,” according to Ismael Trivino of ProColombia- Miami.


Hot on the runways and adorning the audiences this last week were gender-less vertical vintage stripes in cocoa, ivory and mandarin.  Jeans, tight white T’s accessorized  by splashy, juicy colored kimonos were everywhere on and off the catwalk.   From swimwear to evening wear there was more goldenrod than a field of, well, goldenrod.

Combine trend makers with fabric factories and manufacturers that are stoked up to meet demand, whether small quantity designer labels or high volume merchandise, Colombia-made goods are a hand-in-glove fit domestically and for those abroad.


Feeling the squeeze from the ‘Trump tariffs’ were a cadre of consultants sleuthing around for alternative supply sources outside China.  They were representatives of household name fashion brands, big box chain stores to luxury malls from Dubai  to DeMoines.  Countless fashion curators, sales reps and the fashion-forward were entertained by consecutive runway shows that could have easily been mistaken for those in  Milan , Paris or New York. Prescient  attendees and a cosmopolitan press corps surveyed  the landscape as an alternative to pre-existing and established supply lines.

Among the standouts were Four Brothers,  classic button down men’s wear with a cornucopia of clever emojis woven into the socks.  The “made with love” hand-tooled sunglasses, with a vast collection that is filled with history and a commitment to the environment and watches with rare dried flowers embedded in the face were the highlight from Fento represented by Alejandro Monsalve.  The Taller Alado sculptured wool and filter  fiber appliqués in organic neutrals, Lugo Logo men’s couture with  luminescent green beetles on hand stitched suits and tails reminiscent of Royal occasions by Alejando LugoParchita Form handbags channeled the late Kate Spade with geometric forms in primary Crayola colors are seeing  extend their brands reach across borders.

The rousing event  concluded with  the street-smart Disney collection for the “urban citizen” that saw Minnie and Mickey holding hands while  taking a turn down a glitter festooned runway.  The sartorial complement of J Balvin, a native of Medellin, appearing live at the GEF Department Store and recently sharing the stage with “The Biebs,”  one could do worse for a defacto brand ambassador.

Collateral damage from the looming tariffs may actually be a silver lining for those fashion forward who appreciate that Colombia is a watershed of creative design, combined with the most impeccable workmanship found anywhere on the planet.” commented  Kacie Schweikhardt, attending Colombia Moda prospecting for designers focused on a more eco-friendly approach to manufacture and bent on extending their brands to California and beyond.

INEX Trancending Limits with Perspective : Know -Connect -Transform.


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6 Considerations to Create a Sustainable, Ethical Fashion Brand

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”― R. Buckminster Fuller

When Otero Menswear decided to create an innovative, fashion-forward line of men’s clothes that promotes style and confidence, we also committed to producing every piece with a high respect for the environment and the people who are involved in every stage of manufacturing.

Today, the fashion industry is one of the worst global polluters (second only to the oil and gas industry). Many brands manufacture cheap, throw-away trends that are designed specifically for one season. Others use fabrics manufactured exclusively from non-renewable, petroleum-based products that wear out quickly but won’t biodegrade for centuries. Some companies employ cost-cutting manufacturers who outsource production to sweatshops with dreadful working conditions and poverty-level wages.

In a perfect world, we could provide the highest quality natural fabrics that are milled ethically and sourced responsibly, and still compete with the cut-rate competition for low prices. The reality is that ethical branding comes with many trade-offs and requires many perspective shifts.

Here are six tips to maneuver through an industry that is steadfast on its traditional, harmful processes.

  1. Higher Price or Investment in Our Future? The basic economics associated with high-volume manufacturing are not usually compatible with environmentally sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. In order to make these values a priority, your company is going to have to spend more on the manufacturing process, and therefore ultimately charge more for the finished product. There are ways to partly compensate for these high production costs by making changes to the standard business model, for example, selling directly to the consumer. Consider this to be an amazing opportunity to educate your customer about their investment in people of various nations who aided in production and in the protection of our global environment.


  1. Limited Sourcing Options or Rare and Special Relationships? Fabric sourcing is a broad and convoluted decision. With numerous countries, all with hundreds of manufacturing plants, it’s difficult to find places that hold to ethical and environmental manufacturing standards. So how do you find these sources? Your best bet is to go to every trade show that you can afford and ask everyone for referrals. The high-quality companies who prioritize these same values are out there, but they are rare, which makes your relationship with them important. When you find the factory that matches your values, build a relationship based on like-mindedness and substance, not just transactions. In addition, let your customers know that you searched the world over and found a rare jewel that was worth the effort.


  1. To See or Not to See? Even with referrals, the only way to guarantee that your garments are being manufactured in a clean, safe, and ethical facility is to see it for yourself. In other words, you’re going to have to travel, meet with manufacturers personally, and come to a firm agreement that the facility you inspected will be the actual facility used to source your materials. By way of warning, many foreign manufacturers will tell you what they think you want to hear, so it’s up to you to ask for proof of documentation of environmental certifications as well as examples of the materials.


  1. Global Certifications vs. Local Certifications? You will find that many of the certifications you hope to see (from water treatment and reclamation, to various labor laws) are issued and managed by the local government, and not by some international tribunal. Only the largest manufacturers, few of which will work with start-up companies, will carry global certifications — unless they are in an EU country. Don’t let these contingencies defray your search. Understand the local requirements, understand the testing and required inspections, talk to your supplier about their own quality processes, walk the floors, talk to employees, inspect the facilities, and then decide if the business in fact adheres to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.


  1. A Supplier or a Supply Chain? Though you may have found a manufacturer you are happy with, you still must pay attention to every link in your supply chain. Through our experience, we found there were multiple companies in our supply chain: one that purchases the cotton and then knits the fabric greige, another which dyes the fabric, a third which washes the fabric, and then the company we chose that manufactures the product (cutting, sewing, and final assembly). Although the company you sign a contract with has its certificates of compliance and is committed to healthy environmental and sustainable practices, it does not always mean the entirety of their supply chain does the same. At Otero Menswear, we inspected each link in our chain to verify that the entire supply base functioned at the level of our chosen manufacturer. In one instance, we found one link that moved labor-intensive steps to a factory in a country that could not verify compliance with recognized child labor laws. Of course, we insisted that our product would never cross those country lines.


  1. Is Material Patently Good or Bad? There is ambiguity around the actual sustainability of any fabric used to make clothes. For instance, many of the natural fibers, though biodegradable, utilize unhealthy pesticides, excess water, or require significant chemical processes. Polyester and nylon are manufactured exclusively from non-renewable, petroleum-based products that wear out quickly but won’t biodegrade for centuries. Yet, they can be recycled and even repurposed. At Otero Menswear, we focus on natural cottons and other natural fibers with the belief that the trade-offs are most favorable from a sustainability perspective. We encourage you to research and most importantly, whichever fabric you choose, be transparent with your customers and authentic to your brand.


Is It Worth It?

Venturing into a new industry is difficult and choosing to take a stand on environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices will require serious dedication, but the effort will eventually put you into contact with amazing craftspeople, dedicated manufacturers, and people around the globe who care about the future of our planet. Better yet, you can produce and sell a garment with confidence, and your customers can purchase your products knowing that they have also contributed positively to many lives across the globe. Everyone benefits from taking a stand on environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes — lives are changed, dedicated craftspeople are paid fairly, and everyone involved can take pride in the finished product.

About Steve Villanueva co-founder and CEO Otero Menswear is a serial entrepreneur with a background in global international supply chain management. His most recent start-up, Otero Menswear, provides A Better Way to Dress for men between 5’4” and 5’9”. We have found the secret to a perfect fit and provide the best off-the-rack fit a shorter man can find.

SWIM THE GLOBE – SWIM WEEK’s 4 Day National Hotel Activation – Announces 4 Trade Show Stands & Additional Stages – Ocean Front & Deco Ballroom

by  Correspondent – Cristiane Roget,  VIP –, Epoch Times

Miami Beach/FL  “Demand for entry into 2nd Annual SWIM THE GLOBE, one of the most anticipated events on the annual Swim Week’s Official Calendar, is adding an additional runway in the National Hotel’s Deco Ballroom to complement the stage and runway that is set to grace the oceanfront infinity pool,” confirmed Jennifer Sclafani, STG Co-Founder and the force behind the newly inaugurated Miami Fashion Collective located in a spacious historical bungalow in the burgeoning West Wynwood, FAD District.  (Fashion Allapattha Design District)

SWIM THE GLOBE (STG)  commemorates, the 36th annual SWIM SHOW, the world’s largest and best attended trade show for  swimwear, resort and sportswear collections.  From July 12 to July 15, the luxurious National Hotel and Oceanside Resort at 1677 Collins Avenue – Miami Beach, FL 33139 will host, “ten consecutive runway shows and informal modeling featuring Showroom305’s designer swim and resort wear”. “Each designer’s collection is informed by their country of origin …. hence the name ‘SWIM THE GLOBE‘ with Brasil,  California, the Caribbean , France and India represented to date.   “The brand is evolving  organically,”  states recording artist Simone Stewart who coined the trademark last year.

Unique to this year’s four-day gathering;  “will be a coveted place on our two STG beachside and ballroom runways.  We are inviting for the first time ever emerging and established designers to preview their lines to our over 7000 invited buyers.  With a turnkey slot for group and solo shows still available we will  showcase alluring collections to complement Showroom305’s roster of fashion lines we proudly represent”,  states Sclafani.

“STG has slated a complement of ‘must attend’  gatherings.” according to TV Personality and Influencer Stephan Morris of CESV – Agency.   Pop-up Shops will provide guests with organic products direct from their makers, fashion  forward accessories, tastes of gourmet edibles and luscious libations.  An  ‘Island Time Hemp & Cannabinoid Station’, a gourmet brunch with an expert  fashioncentric moderated panel, an Art Basil Beauty Bar & Lounge for a quickie makeover and headline entertainment with a Decompression Sunday Pool Party are all on the SWIM THE GLOBE roster.  Book now the  ‘Storm the Beach‘  with a Saturday, July 14th  nod to Bastille Day that boasts a French wine tasting and gift totes.  For an up-to-the minute calendar – visit

STG’s   Jeffrey Lubin,  a seasoned producer of countless International Management Group (IMG) Fashion Shows confirm, “Our branded Activations and top-tier sponsored events feature a bevy of international models, headline entertainment, sponsored showcases;   interspersed throughout the National Hotel.  At the heart of Miami Beach, the property  is an unrivaled destination recently restored to its ‘mid-century’ grandeur.

With over a decade in the New York to Miami fashion trade,  Showroom 305 under the direction of Sclafani has garnered an enviable network of fashion forward arbiters revealing tomorrow’s trends – today.    Sclafani  is emphatic when she says,  “We produce our shows ‘on time’ and exceed our underwriter’s goals.  We entertain our buyers, bloggers, influencers, fashion writers and special guests with occasions that are memorable for their attention to detail and professionalism.”

“An ambiance that engages with a schedule that is  tailor-made to grow our sponsors brand visibility while ramping  up their market share with that “je ne sais quoi ” is a formula for success,  confirms Francois Huynh, Co-Director of Media Relations for Five for Five and SWIM THE GLOBE.

Sclafani says, “South Florida is experiencing a resurgence in the Fashion Industry.  With local manufacturers ramping up production to offset the impending tariffs on an estimated 50 billion dollars in consumer goods.  South Florida’s ease of transport as a global gateway and sublime, year-round weather is a precursor to the region’s ascendance as a 21st Century international fashion hub.”

Back- to-back trade and fashion shows that include Coast (March 2018)  Trendz  in Palm Beach (April 2-17), the return of the Apparel Textile Show (May 21-23) and the launch of the Miami Fashion Collective in the burgeoning Fashion Allapattha Design (FAD.District) has put South Florida on the global industries radar.  “The vision behind the Miami Fashion Collective is to form a cohesive and affordable space for indie fashion professionals to collaborate”,  confirms Sclafani.

“Unlike the fashion weeks of yesteryear that were predictable “business-as-usual” we have ramped-up the entertainment quotient with live music and eclectic Influencers participation. Our unique program aligns us with our brand partners who share our innovative vision and goals,”  states Stephan Morris, host of the Sunday – July 15, Influencers Networking Brunch & Pool Party at the National’s Olympic size infinity pool.  Watch for headliner updates on

Book early the gourmet brunch that includes a  panel discussion with industry leaders, including Cheryl Punk, U.S. Head of Marketing for Tissot, Swatch Group.  Confirms Lisa Sussman Red Carpet Host with AdAvenueGroup. “Discussions will unravel the challenges facing brick & mortars, ‘see & click’ mass consumerism and the demise of season based designer reveals.

Space is limited to 500 guests per on-the-hour gathering – with attendees consisting of an ad-hoc group of fashion Buyers, Influencers, established and emerging Designers, Photographers, Digital content producers, Media mavens, international Bloggers and a distinguished Press Corp reporting on the latest trends in Fashion, Finance, Film, Fine Food, Luxury Lifestyle on the road less traveled.

Jennifer Sclafani – Founder Swim the Globe -July 12-15, 2018 National Hotel

Read more: 

“The National Hotel is the quintessential ocean front redux property.  SWIM THE GLOBE  with 2 consecutive days of by-invitation-only Swimwear and  Resort Fashion Shows are book ended by pop-up activations, a Basil Beauty Bar & Lounge ( and stand alone events that speak to a refined and well-heeled  guest list.  Discover  the ‘Golden Age’ of Miami Beach when the ‘Rat Pack‘ took the stage from the Fontainebleau to Liberty Citys’  jazz haunts and the location for 3 time Academy Award Winning Film for Best Picture , “Moonlight“.

Inquire about National Hotel’s special rates that include luxury-appointed accommodations. The VIP SWIM THE GLOBE © travel  package – includes an all-inclusive entree to SWIM THE GLOBE  events, invitations to off- premise fashion events & shows and amenities to numerous to name.

Jennifer Sclafani, STG Director has been a member in good standing of the Swimwear Association of Florida since 2007.

We also take great pride in announcing a strategic partnership with South Florid’a Premiere graphic and print complexes PRINTOPIA under the direction of Meishan Guarri and Andrew Kutno’s Media Ingenious.   We are also please to announce a partnership with Membrano Live, a sizzling band that is well on the path to a Grammy.

To Reserve time for a Fashion Show, 4 cabanas available for pop-up Shopppes and ‘Brand Activations’ .  



To Reserve time for a Fashion Show

Jennifer Sclafani -Director

917-293 -0140

Media Credentials  &  Sponsor- POP UP SHOP  Inquiries

Cristiane Roget  I I 310-220-9118 I

the  SWIM THE GLOBE deck: 

Eventbrite: Space is Limited I

Greater Miami and the  Beaches Visitor Center Link I

SWIM THE GLOBE sample soundtrack: A must hear! 

VISUAL ASSETS: A portfolio of Visual Assets is available upon request.


FLL Fashion Week – Debut’s on the Rooftop on 1 Las Olas Blvd- City of Ft Lauderdale – An Official Event – through March 17

Ft Lauderdale/FL New York Fashion Week in frozen February?  Miami Swim Week in July with gridlock and drenching humidity?  Consider an easy breezy alternative beginning on Thursday – March 15 – FLL FASHION WEEK  located on the verdant tree filled rooftop lounge offering craft cocktails & light fare with sweeping city views at – 1 W Las Olas Blvd Suite 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 – rsvp a must at  -or-

March 16 – Friday and Saturday the 17th the 4th Annual FLL Fashion Week unspools with Founders, Florentina and Grant West confirming an eclectic mix of continuous runway shows and onstage entertainment featuring emerging and legacy Swim, Resort and Couture designers with their ‘see now – buy now’ collections.  for schedule and tickets – Space is Limited –  –

The collections and sponsor activations will unspool with in a vast tent in Wayne Huizenga Plaza at 32 East Last Olas Blvd, Ft Lauderdale 33301 in the heart of the bustling and posh Las Olas Design District.

A bevy of male and female models coordinated by Mia World Models will make their way nightly down a sixty-foot runway with media mavens, fashionistas and boutique buyers in tow.  In partnership with the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale two students will have their bespoke designs on the runway Eido Swimwear and Yas Gonzalez evening couture.  Artist in residence Paul Thomas Martin will be on hand for interviews.

A wrap – around Beauty Bar and Lounge will have brand ambassadors demonstrating truly miraculous transformations with more luxury swag than can be stuffed in the signature beach totes.  Meet the makers of deeply discounted au courant beauty, health and wellness products by Sherine Bichara’s ‘Elixir of Life – L’Alchimiste’™, Rory Lee Makeup ®, PCR GeniX ™ CBD Elixir Body Creams, Nayked Botanicals by Vasiliki Karlin and Neocorium ™, a medical grade stem cell based epidermal growth rejuvenator. Red Carpet Host Lisa Sussman of LSD Productions will be providing live coverage for VIP, an international aggregator of original reportage founded by former Yahoo Project Manager Francois Huynh in 2015.

Trending Makeup and Hair will be credited to the top stylists of award-winning Boca Beauty Academy.  Modern Miami Furniture –  designs bespoke displays of hand crafted interiors and ambiance for the proceedings. Hot Miami Styles and Mora Girls will be dressing out the host brigade with alluring evening, swim and resort wear with hand finished appliqué, embroidery and crochet an inspiration from the simpler things in life.

FLL Fashion Weeks Artist in Residence – Paul Thomas Martin will curate a collection of his fine art displayed during the Festivities.  In collaboration with internationally renowned Brazilian Romero Britto and his flagship gallery on South Beaches Lincoln Road, Paul Thomas Martin is distinguished as a highly collectable fine artist.  Britto and Paul Thomas Martin honed their craft in a series of collaborative works which proved to be critically and financially successful and served as a springboard for Martin’s on going solo exhibits.   When asked, Romero Britto says enthusiastically, “Paul is talented and unique, I love his post-modern pop aesthetic!”.  Most notably rake in his photographs and acrylics inspired by travels in Shanghai, China; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; New York City, New York; Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida.

FLL Fashion Week has emerged as a leader in fashion centric ‘must attend’s’.   The standing room only gatherings abound with unique fashion statements.  It is called a celebration that is intimate, manageable and relaxing; providing the perfect settings for robust business transactions and a much-deserved respite from the harsh winters due north.

South Florida’s premiere fashion event of the Spring Season kick’s off for the global ‘Five for Five’ Press CampaignFive for Five ™ also includes international media coverage of Miami Fashion Week with Antonio Banderas and Julio Iranzo, a Cannes Gala Dinner , May 19-2018 at the Intercontinental Carleton by Andres Aquino, Swim Week in July with Jennifer Sclafani’s ‘Swim Around the Globe’ by Showroom-305 with a salut to FLL Fashion Week and Colombia Moda in Medellin Colombia. 


Fashion aficionados, media mavens, ticked guests and designers from Milano to Medellin are packing their Tumi’s for stage side seats.  All this is within a 15-minute UBER hop from Ft Lauderdale International Airport.   Save the dates, commencing Thursday at 7:30PM  March 15 with an elegant meet and greet Celebrity Cocktail’ at the Rooftop 1 Las Olas Blvd, Ft Lauderdale FL 33301 with entertainment by DejaVu – Brazilian DJ Lucca and Nicolina concluding with a Formal Gala, through Saturday – March 17 at Downtown Ft Lauderdale, FL   

Sussman, Board Member for Starz Foundation – “Second Chances for Women”  and spokesperson and announcer for  BEACON TV- says , “the three days and nights of fashionable fun and rejuvenation are within a beach-ball toss from Ft Lauderdale’s sandy seaside, bespoke boutiques, elegant dining where you can trade in your puffy coats and snow plows for shorts and minted mojitos and caphirinas by Soul Cachaca caipirinha’s and lip smacking Lolea Sangria.

Purchase you Tickets now.  Limited seating: