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Mastersuit: How to Dress a Man

The classic suit is one of the most difficult things to sew. The tailor’s professionalism and the quality of the material will determine how the costume will fit. But the slightest flaw will spoil the suit. Therefore, for the atelier it’s especially honorable to establish itself as a workshop.

Return to classics

Mastersuit has been engaged in bespoke and made to measure sewing for more than 20 years. In the first case, the costume is sewn completely by hand, according to an individual sketch in Moscow at the production of the atelier. In the second one, the client’s measurements are sent to Italy, where they are applied by modifying standard patterns.

Traditionally it is believed that men are more restrained and unpretentious in terms of clothing. Many people do not pay attention that they are wearing clothes of the wrong size, do not follow fashion trends and prefer something simpler and more understandable than a suit.

But there are situations when a suit is the only acceptable thing. You can’t participate a wedding or anniversary, a business meeting or an official presentation without a suit. There are positions that require it.

The creators of the atelier, Antonio and Ramos Palacios-Fernandez, decided to eradicate this stereotype and make Russian men love for exquisite and stylish clothes. They adopted respect for good clothes from their mother, a true professional. It determined their future path and business philosophy.

The principles of the atelier

Mastersuit changed the well-established image of male indifference to fashion. The first thing they did here was helping clients relax.

Sewing of one suit takes about 100 hour. Customer should definitely visit atelier 2-3 times. A real oasis of peace was createdto ease the “heavy burden” of fittings,. Here client can relax.

About 100 people work in the atelier. Six designers and three tailors with more than thirty years of experience are working on sketching and model development. Work in the studio is saturated. Tailoring one suit takes from 4 to 6 weeks. But this time is not wasted.

Talented employees of the atelier help to create an individual image and emphasize the best qualities of the client, taking into account the type of figure and appearance features.

Another principle of the Mastersuit is high demands on the material. If a small defect is found on the fabric, the entire batch is returned back to the factory and no longer cooperates with this manufacturer. The operation takes only the best fabrics of the foreign producers. Ungaro, LoroPiana, Dormeuil, etc.

Creating the image

Studio owners say that they already can see changes in customer approach to clothing. Customers ordered exclusively costumes of basic, neutral colors, but now they are increasingly choosing bright and unusual fabrics of the highest quality.

Mastersuit is increasingly moving away from standard sets of fabrics, buttons, catalogs. Here they create an image, selecting a ready-made harmonious image for everyone.

Men are not afraid to experiment with style and materials. This is all the merit of the Mastersuit. Boutique has demonstrated that fashion can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.





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