Sophistication Meets Seduction with Daniel Stanford’s – Nov. 28 – Dec. 3 Fine Art Shore Club Installation – Art Basel -Miami

Gallerists, artists of every stripe and medium, discerning collectors and cosmopolitan glitterati are bracing for the annual gridlock of Art Basel at the nexus of culture and commerce.

The stage is set at the Shore Club, a bespoke Morgan Group Hotel, for the ‘must attend’,  one week confab, beginning Monday Nov. 28 through Sunday – December 4, ’16  featuring the enlightened exhibit and retrospective of visual artist Daniel Stanford latest works.

The seaside property at 1901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach hosts the  critically acclaimed nouveau popular artist and ‘celebrity magnet’ and his breathtaking Installation; ‘Love is Eternal‘, with the intuitive sub text ‘Gov. Love is Toxic‘.   From noon to nine daily, Stanford will unveil a Solo Exhibit in the ever involving ‘FASCINASIA’ series. Originating in Montreal, Daniel returns to ArtBasel for the forth year consecutive year.  His inspired portraits that are in the collections of top drawer entertainers, that include ‘Snoop China Fan‘ gracing the wall of Snoop’s ‘Dogg house’.

Stanford is a rising star in a constellation of eminently collectible and visionary artists at the vanguard of the contemporary art scene.

The week long confab commences with a Collector’s Preview and Press Gathering on Monday, November 28 between 3pm and 6pm.  Honoring the occasion is a star turn by celebrated Television personality and master Chef Irie, putting his spin on a Caribbean Tour de Force culinary showcase.  Here is a epicurean master who may recognize signature favorites , like a morning catch salmon, sea bass and cod ceviche is spooned in a pool of minced carambola, a melange of the Boy’s Garden vegetables and a pop of red pepper, with a johnny on the spot recipe that elevates and surpasses all its forbearers by the same name.

On Wednesday , December 30 from  2pm to 6pm plan to attend an intimate Q&A with Stanford exploring his spiritual calling and inspiration behind Fascinasia. Hosted by Catalina of Wet & Sea; her collection of conscious swimwear and Raven Marie founder of Soulful Scoop will be on display.   The creator of Tulsi’s Garden Cafe will do her spin on all vegan Mini Martini Glass Filled Ceviche, Cucumber Cups  redolent with beet hummus, heirloom  tomatoes, drizzled with de la Rosa Avocado oil and other delectable bites from the kitchen of vegan chef master Amy Hynes.  Showcasing many different aspects of veganism, which is a lifestyle, not a diet, “we have tried to tackle planetary concerns that range from animal cruelty, health, the environment and big agriculture to circuses, the fur industry, hunting and more”. Take a deep breathe and love what you eat!     

Friday, December 2 dawn  your black tie and/or stilettos for the Gala Reception and Rhianna unveiling.  With proceeds for the  Michelle Tidor For Kids Foundation and Families Against Hit & Run Drivers  features a much anticipated debut of Rhianna “Sacred Vision” – a mixed-media piece with Swarovski crystals,  acrylic and gold leaf.  A bigger than life Kim Kardashian portrait premieres.  The first Rihanna painting “Golden Girl” was acquired by Rock Nation management in 2015 and now is in her permanent […]