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  • Miami/FL Sustainable Swim Week, an official Miami Swim Event, brings Couture Crypto & Consciousness via The Rewired Retreat and Sustainable Fashion Showcases. The event is set to coincide with the 32nd Annual Miami Swim Week from Thursday, July 8 to Sunday July 11, 2021.  In association with AdAvenueGroup – Forbes France and ArtBasil , The Rewired Mind is hosting an immersive journey in a full spectrum of beauty and well-being that is curated to be inclusive, stress free and fun. The Rewired Retreat is at the nexus of the most sustainable swimwear, resort ,enchanting evening and luxury accessory reveals. Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach- 660 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139.  For more on Kimpton Angler’s or to book a stay visit

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Miami/Florida June 22, 2021

Join in a sustainable showcase designed to re-imagine and re-define fashion that is  created and consumed in a way that can be, quite literally, sustained, while protecting both the environment and those producing garments.  Sustainable Swim Week guests are invited to immerse themselves in the Rewired Retreat presided over by Kristen Connell of the Rewired Mind.  The health and wellness gathering’s, panels and showcases are set to unspool at the Kimpton Angler’s Hotel, Thursday July 8th ,Friday July 9th from 8am to 3pm.  An independent activation , Saturday, July 10th will see Tayo Ishola’s  ‘Back to Eden Fashion Show’ elevate small businesses, women in leadership and wellness with resort and swimwear highlights four woman-owned brands: Eido Swimwear (also the event host), Abacaxi, Jnaba Diallo and Voglia Swimwear.  With a Alluring rooftop finale by Dreamhouse Marketing and Branding Group, direct from Los Angeles and NYC.  

The program is curated to provide and insider’s guide to Sustainable Wellbeing on all levels via -Beauty & Mindset – Fashion & Environment- Personal Empowerment – Financial Intelligence with production by UpLightMiami whose staging is unparalleled .

Distinguished panelists will create immersive experiences and transformation sessions during several activations that are sure to up-level the weeklong string of fetes and fashion.  The retreat is designed to rejuvenate, refresh and reboot. All-natural beverages and gourmet appetizers will round out the day crafted for those seeking a full spectrum of upgrade both inside and out.

‘Sustainable Swim Week and Rewired Retreat’is an engaging experience with meditation, mindset reset, immersive beauty demonstrations, and conversations with those at the forefront of sustainable transformation and a plethora of sizzling fashion and fun.  

Among those slated to attend the day long sessions, Tiffany Sexton is presiding over the ‘Texas contingency’. Her mission is to help victims “thrive after trauma”. Her mantra is “You can’t change what has happened, but you can create a better future if you choose to via operating as a survivor,” resonates especially today.

Also on the panel is Forbes Riley, Award-Winning TV host, Author and Motivational Speaker is one of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness experts and National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee.  Shannon King -Transcontinental™ Miss Texas USA Universe, Natalie Craig, ‘Walk in Their Shoes’ – a philanthropy empowering high risk children with new attire and sports gear in collaboration with Under Armour™ and    Pamela Chanel David, with her mission to empower people to invent their lives and businesses to reflect our core self round out the morning. 

Shelby Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of the Ocean Rescue Alliance, and 1000 Mermaids , a marine conservation and restoration nonprofit organization, brings her passion about preserving our natural ecosystems and creating a foundation for their appreciation to Sustainable Swim Week 2021.  She will moderate a panel that will parse the pro’s and con’s of Crypto Currency.  While crypto currency is the buzz word of today there are still doubts about the consequences of wide crypto currency adoption. In particular, many skeptics and environmentalists have raised concerns about the energy consumption of crypto currency mining which may cause increased carbon emissions and exacerbate climate change.  Shelby and panelists will demonstrate how her nonprofit combines art to aid in communicating science to the public in impactful ways.     

Fashion Showcases are scheduled to include but not limited to Tayrn , a recent Santa Monica transplant of Sage La Rock Swimwear, a sustainable luxury brand, which produces all swimwear out of upcycled fishing nets ethically in Miami & Los Angeles.  She is joined by Annette Biddy Oliver who is spearheading Sustainable Swim Week’s Rooftop Grand Finale with Lisa Nicole (Bravo’s ‘Married to Medicine’) Collection, Alani Taylor by Timeekah Murphy,   Alister Mekhai Eyewear, Jaylen Brown for the 7uice Foundation, the House of Greylin Purnell,  channeling Todd Oldham and to pack it all in stylishly Tote N Carry among others. 

Another first will be the creation of first Model’s NFT by the Wagmi Think Tank, “we’re all gonna make it”.  Several Sustainable Swim Week models will participate in the very first NFT Digital launch that will capture their turn on the run way. Much of today’s cultural icons, whether a CD or a poster of a cherished video recording are being subsumed by our ability to own anything digital by investing in a Non-Fungible Token.  This will serve as the launch of the World’s FIRST Model based Crypto NFT. Featuring Crypto Cocktails by Singani63 and Rum Barcelo.

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Read More About our Distinguished Participants

Kristen Connell, the founder of the Rewired Mind, has curated ‘The Rewired Retreat’ with a focus on Sustainability at the core. Her collaborative vision for this event is to: create change and provide space for elevated conversations, inner clarity and alignment amid the pervasive challenges to well-being. Panelists to include distinguished leaders in philanthropy, personal empowerment, financial intelligence, environmental conservancy and beauty solutions that create inner balance that culminate into effervescent outer beauty.

Kristen is a heart centered practitioner and mindset coach that uses revolutionary neuroscience-based methods. Connell’s process is powerful & permanent creating inner peace and harmony by addressing the root causes of issues. Through strategic intervention, Kristen has empowered numerous clients to heal and recover from the past, replace-restore their outdated belief systems and ultimately trust in themselves.

This creates synergy in the mind required so that every client can create a fulfilling life experience from the inside-out.  It’s from there, they can navigate & neutralize challenges by tapping into their inner wisdom for higher knowledge.

 Whether it is through individual or group re-wiring programs, she has created space for her clients to find stability and peace in every area of their lives, a multi-dimensional quality that impacts our entire structure, physiology, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and all our relationships both personal and professional.

Kristen is creating a healing legacy for those that choose to join her on the journey to create a new version of their enviorn(MENTAL) reality towards human growth & flourishing. 

Annette Biddy Oliver – Dream House Marketing & Branding Group
Founder, President, and CCO of Dreamhouse Marketing and Branding Group has become an fashion icon in her own right with a roster of the most sought after designers in the fashion pantheon. She is best known for her breathtaking productions in New York, California and now Miami. Her company plans countless brand launches, fashion reveals and pop up shops in a year, paying attention to all the details and giving their high-profile clients peace of mind. In her own words, the goal is to “try to tell a story.”

Shannon King
Reigning Transcontinental ™ Mrs. Texas USA Universe
Ambassador for The Pledge Campaign Against Domestic Violence and Abuse as an overcomer of child sexual abuse, her passion and calling in life is to share her story to help women and children survive their trauma and thrive in life. As the creator and host of A King Size Life podcast that is all about getting off the sidelines of life and living this one life, we’ve been given in the biggest way possible, she interviews women that have overcome many obstacles to live an extraordinary life. Children and women are inducted into a mindset “that no matter their circumstances, they are not alone, and they can create a beautiful life.”  She is the mother of 3 incredible children and married for 23 years. Her husband Michael is a cherished and wonderful Stay at Home Dad. She provides the income as a successful Commercial Real Estate agent, co-owner of Synergy HomeCare of Lubbock and Non-Toxic Living Educator. 

Pamela Chanel David, MBA 
Pamela’s mission is to empower people to reinvent their lives and businesses. A business is reflective of the core energy of one’s selfShe specializes in the transition from employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur. Much of her professional career was spent with the Macy*s organization in the cosmetic and fragrance industry. Having reached a senior level management level, she celebrated the world of entrepreneurship by opening a special events company. 

Today Pamela is author of The Reinvented Life book and is Co-Founder of KissEla Agency Business Advisors. 

She is a fifth-generation San Franciscan, and holds a BS in Speech and Auditory Sciences from University of California at Santa Barbara and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. 

Natalie Craig
Natalie Craig’s mission via Walk In Their Shoes is to create opportunities for children in the foster system to have dignity and self-worth via providing clothing and duffel bags to navigate to each foster home.

With the generous collaboration of Under Armour’s Next Generation, Natalie and her organization been able to give new track spikes to over 25 deserving schools.  We have watched kids break records and win District and State and when asked, how the kids broke these school records, they simply believed it was the shoes. Craig’s message to the community is that these changes can empower high-risk children and support uplifting their esteem through providing new clothing, athletic apparel, duffle bags, and collegiate camps that ultimately promote the development of life skills, athleticism, and character building.

My passion is to change a negative past into something beautiful and strong with the simple change of new!  

Forbes Riley
Award-Winning TV host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, One of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness experts (National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee). Forbes was voted the “Top 20 Most inspiring People on Television” through her roles as a sought-after spokesperson, broadcast journalist and Success/Results Coach to celebrities, sales teams & CEOs. As a motivational keynote speaker – she’s affectionately called “The Female Tony Robbins.”

Forbes Riley has created a trusted brand name for herself.
For direct contact:

Tiffany Sexton
Tiffany Sexton’s mission is to help victims of various types of abuse thrive after trauma.  Her mantra is “You can’t change what has happened, but you can create a better future if you choose to via operating as a survivor.” Her life has been a roller coaster of five steps forward and ten steps back.  The cycle did not stop until she truly embraced that the first step in the journey is to honor and craft one’s self-worth.  With the knowledge that most people can’t do this alone, her mission is to encourage, inspire and help navigate those in the healing process to love themselves believe they are worth a better life in order to create sustainable personal success.  Her organization, “Living Your Best Life” is an important piece of the puzzle knowing it is easy to ride the roller coaster back to the depths of your trauma, depression, self-destruction, bad decisions and unhealthy relationships.  She works with various organizations that have similar missions.  Her calling is to partner with other organizations that have the same passion. There are many who join me in this fight who want to be there to love and support others and Fight the Good Fight.

Lisa Nicole Cloud
Lisa Nicole Cloud is a multi-faceted entrepreneur. She is the CEO for several successful companies including Elite Medical Associates, MAJL Diagnostic Laboratories, Elite Marketing Strategies, Lisa Nicole Collection and the Women’s Empowerment Network and has been on Bravo TV’s “Married to Medicine” for several seasons.

With a keen sense of style and a sophisticated eye for design, Lisa Nicole Cloud took the fashion world by storm with the 2013 debut of 3 lines: the Lisa Nicole Collection, the Lisa Nicole Diamond Collection, and the Lisa Nicole Signature collection. Her goal was to design high fashion, statement pieces for today’s professional woman, Lisa’s classy, timeless designs make a statement of elegance, power and sophistication.

Beverlee Felkner
Beverlee is a pioneer in the American botanical beauty space. She has been in the beauty industry for 14 years, spending most of that time working at the top salons on 5th Avenue, always holding herself & her craft to the highest standards.

Receiving years of education in world class cities like New York and London, her worldly travels and intellectual curiosity inspired her to thoroughly study the European beauty market. Noticing their ingredients were of the purest origins, she then realized most of the luxury beauty products she used were similarly rich in industrial chemicals. She then began a course in Italy for the business of organic skincare, & it was there on the Amalfi Coast where the idea of Beverlee Botanicals was born.

Sara Quiriconi
Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, creative producer, entrepreneur, and well-being travel authority.  As a cancer survivor, and resilient soul overcoming various health challenges early on, she’s an advocate of being a creator, not a victim, to create your own reality. Sara’s mission in life is to story-tell, impact and inspire with a legacy of empowerment that last far beyond her years.

Sage LaRock
Sage La rock, a sustainable luxury brand, which produces all swimwear out of upcycled fishing nets ethically in Miami & Los Angeles will be debuting their latest collection during Swim Week 2021.  Taryn works collaboratively with non-profit partners to advance creative solutions for the fashion industry that protect key global conservation areas & wildlife.

Shelby Thomas – 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project , Ocean Rescue Alliance

Co-founder and CEO of the Ocean Rescue Alliance, a marine conservation and restoration nonprofit organization, that implements innovative techniques to restore marine environments. She is an expert in marine restoration and conservation, receiving her master’s in Marine Ecology and currently completing her PhD in Marine Biology with the University of Florida.

She is an environmentalist and marine conservation advocate who hopes to inspire others to protect our environments. She has worked with various restoration projects including coral, seagrass, oyster, sea-urchin, and scallop restoration.

The Ocean Rescue Alliance artificial reefs create complex habitat space, enable species specific restoration and serve as ecotourism destinations that combines art and culture to connect the communities they serve. She now has worked with over 25 different restoration projects and continues to conduct research in this field. Through her research and outreach, she plans to assist in conserving, restoring, and better managing our ecosystems.

Giovanni Catalanello Founder of NameinLight brings ‘the capolavoro’ to Sustainable Swim Week He started out in photography 15 years ago and is debuting a hologram technology that is nothing short of stunning.

Providing real 3d visual Holograms flying in thin air, animated in 8 K color to captivate your audience. But this is much more than a pretty face, It is a 3d holographic integrated Cms system. Stay light years ahead of your competition with your own customized Hologram Displays.

Juan Carlos Caceres
Juan Carlos Caceres is a long-time resident of South Florida, who originally hales from Bogota, Colombia, giving him a unique perspective and understanding of both the local and international market and the nuances necessary to best serve international investors. 

Fletcher Jewett
Fletcher Jewett has 28 years of experience in finance, real estate development and operations, giving him an unusually broad base with which to develop and deliver results in corporate finance, M&A, and strategic exits. His industry experience includes the founding of Founders Bank & Trust in Virginia, advisory of financial institutions, commercial real estate, technology, health care and consumer goods companies.

Eco-Fashion SWIM WEEK

An Invitation to Participate in “Couture-Consciousness & Crypto Sustainable Swim Week” at the Angler’s Kimpton South Beach

Angler’s Kimpton South Beach.  660 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach 33139 Reserve now! your participation in Sustainable Swim Week. From Sunrise to Noon – Join in Immersive Experiences Designed to Rejuvenate – Refresh & Revive Your inner and Outer Beauty. Presided over by Kristen Connell and Emilia Lujan of Tampu (formally Mind Body Expo) 

Every Morning at the Angler’s for Transformational ‘Talks & Tips’, Celebrity panelists, Eco Lounge with complimentary beverages and petit dejeuner Eco Lounge , Gifting Suite Morning Meditation, Yoga with integrative mind set group experience.

“Get you wellness upgrade before the Swim Week meltdown”

  • Financial Intelligence
  • Gifting Suite
  • Nightly Reveals and Sustainable Swimear  Resortwear
  • Accesories Runway Show on Rooftop RoofTop.B.I.O
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Celia Evans CEO of Planet Fashion TV gets Fashion Icon Award 2021

On Thursday night. As an African American and female owned company, Planet Fashion TV has forged its way as statement maker in the fashion world by focusing on diversity, inclusivity and trends in an ever changing global landscape.

The 2021 Fashion Icon award was presented to Evans at the IMG Studios in Miami and hosted by international Pop star Flo-Rida. Other award recipients included actress Tami Roman, Grammy Award singer Chrisette Michelle, philanthropist Tracy Mourning, and Felicia Jones, mother of 2019 NFL league MVP Lamar Jackson. The event was coordinated by Valerie “Diva” Nelson. Nelson is also the founder of Glitz and Girl Power a 501C3 that focuses on women empowerment and gives grants to female owned businesses.


About Celia Evans

Celia Evans has produced music, television, film and Internet media. Celia has served on the Film and Entertainment Advisory Board for Miami Dade County. She has produced and directed commercials for Lamborghini, Kenworth Trucks, Leading Hotels Of The World, and Lifestyle TV content for International Television Networks, including YR Asia (Singapore), Living UK, Polsat (Poland), RTE, ESO TV (Hungary), ABSCBN, Style (USA) Comcast International, Lifestyle Network, Beach Channel, Fine Living (USA) Fit TV (USA). She has produced film and media in English, Spanish and Japanese. Her feature length documentary  “The Ultimate Wedding Planner” was shown in the documentary corner at Cannes Film Festival.

Celia is the CEO of Planet Fashion TV.

Planet Fashion TV is a digital publishing site and OTT streaming channel. Planet Fashion creates, aggregates and licenses fashion content globally. Planet Fashion produces Miami Swimwear Fashion Week and Sustainable New York Fashion Week and has produced fashion content and events in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Milan Fashion Week, Marrakech Morocco, London Fashion Week, Oslo Fashion Week Norway, Monaco Grand Prix, Paris Fashion Week, Art Basel, and Cannes Film Festival. Planet Fashion tracks global trends, showcases beauty, diversity and creativity in an inclusive way.

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Photo Perfect – Coast’s Fashion Trade Exhibition Returns in Person To the Miami Design District – March 31 to April 1

Where dreamy couture meets super cool style

Submitted by Cristiane Roget , Sr. Correspondent, AdAvenueGroup-Forbes Magazine

The word ‘Coast’, especially in South Florida, evokes soft sugar sand and the crisp aroma of salty sea breezes.

Coast is also the name of the iconic Fashion Trade Exhibition, the brainchild of founder and comely entrepreneur Karen Bennett. (

The B2B contemporary fashion, ready to wear and accessory trade show has grown from its initial 30 designers to 400 exhibitors of men’s and women’s contemporary clothing, chic wear, purse power and accessorized aspirations. Coast Spring 2021 has moved beyond Covid’s infuriating confinement as the host of a two day , in person! event. While adhering to CDC recommended cautionary measures guests and exhibitors are assured they will be congregating in a safe and sound environment.

“Though Previous shows have been held in Boston, Chicago, New York and Nashville, Miami continues to be at the nexus where new fashion trends originate to evolve into tomorrow’s classics,” confirms Bennett. The iconic contemporary fashion and accessory trade show is set to unspool this Wednesday, March 31 from 10am to 5pm and Thursday , April 1 from 10 am to 4pm at the historical Moore Building, 191 NE 40th Street Miami, FL 33137, in the heart of the oh-so-posh Miami Design District.

Karen manages to meld Nashville’s Southern charm with the sophisticated business savvy of her native New York. She extends a wide welcome to retailers, the press and media influencers who are encouraged to attend an immersive occasion that is positioned to become the standard bearer for how the Post Covid ‘P.C.’ socializes.

Coast is a peerless and powerful, pop up party that combines luxe surroundings, emerging designers, fashion forward informal modeling, and a new brand of revelry reminiscent of a time when socializing meant dressing up, engaging conversation and seduction. Partake in a perfect potion with ingredients that include ‘reveals’ of au courant collections and conversation vs. texting. Reviving the ‘Art of Conversation’ guests are invited to mingle, source and purchase from collections originating from around the globe.

Alla Berman
America & Beyond
Anuja Tolia Jewelry
Black Score
Brand Bazar
Celia B
Charlotta Gandolfo
Deepa Gurnani
Del Duca
Denise Nader
Elan International
Frankie’s Melbourne
Guadalupe Design
Happy Sheep
Haute Shore
Heroine Sport
Joey Showroom
KREL Tropical Knitwear
La Costa OrganicvJewelry
La Mariette
La Strada Showroom
Labeled Bohemian
Lebel Fashion Group
Lavish Alice
Lily Kate Showroom
Lorenza Gandaglia
March 11
Mary Louise Designs
Mel and Ell Sales
Mello The Label
Mila Rose Agency
mint & rose
Misha Collection
Mlo Jewelry
Muche et Muchette
Niche Gallery
Paloma Barcelò
Paola Bernardi
Place Showroom
S2 Showroom
Salty B
Samantha Eng
Scarlett poppies
Seema Kahai
Single LA
Six Fifty
So Me Jewelry
Squeeze de Citron
Suzanne dai
Suzy T
Un Pueblo
Zstack by Jackie Z

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Markets For Makers, A Mega Gig Company & Traveling Road Show throws a Life Line to Sole Purveyors of All Things Hand Made

Market For Makers unspooled this weekend in the  ‘Louis Vuitton’ Plaza located in the heart of the Miami Design District.  With over 200 artisans, bakers and curators (ABC’s ) providing curated and juried lifestyle and fashion collectables is an event that drew 1000’s of shack wacky visitors.  The Exclusive Sports Events, Publix Health & Fitness Expo and oceanfront 25 Mile Marathon, February 12 and 13, in Ft. Lauderdale are early indications that a league of cautionary citizens and civic leaders are optimistically traipsing out into public spaces after a year of self imposed and government mandated confinement.

Markets for Makers ™ presided over by the unflappable Natalie Christensen and dedicated team served up an Über pop up gathering the last weekend in February and is set to return on March 20 and 21, same time – same place.  Comprised of curated installations and mini shops are selected by a jury of their peers.  Situated in a vast open space the seasonal outdoor marketplace serves those seeking “one of a kind wonderful” and as a litmus test for the best and worst of times we live in.

Reminiscent of a Parisian Brocante or a Moroccan souk here is a cabbage patch of pristine white tents saddled by the luxury laden Miami Design District and burgeoning Mid Town Miami. ‘Soul’ proprietors originating from the four points of the compass thrive in stark contrast with the posh, extravagantly priced emporiums nearby.  ’With each stand impeccably designed both presenters and guests celebrated the season’s first installment. 

“Markets for Makers” pedestrian courtyard with a giant Louis Vuitton Mural as a backdrop was called a ‘magical place’, fragrant with night blooming jasmine, lush foliage and  outdoor seating.  The next “M4M”  boasts  evocative art by artists deserving of greater recognition  with , demonstrations of seasonal epicurean fare and eclectic original live music.   
The staging serves as a backdrop for the bespoke exhibits that included over a 100 exhibitors.  Le Edom Jewelry ( by Marriana Berrio,  a seasoned blogger hones  in on  trending fashion, travel and lifestyle.  She  is improving the lives of artisans in her native Colombia with a collection of handmade and custom made baubles and jewels.    Ocean Plastics ™ is  taking jewelry and ocean conservation to the next level,  by repurposing the lamentable proliferation of micro plastics.  Abby M. forages the detritus found on beaches fashioning it into necklaces , bracelets and rings.  The adornments make a powerful statement that reminds us that we are the stewards of our planet.   Part of the proceeds are donated to the  Surfrider Foundation

Several additional standouts among the purveyors of Accessories, Baby to Kid ware, Body Care, Candles and Soap Makers,  and Eclectic Lifestyle items of every color and stripe were BNatural Miami , Camellia Naturals, and Salt & Soul. Home goods displays were au courant collections of  hand crafted items indispensable for a “Home Sweet Home“.   “Plant Me Rosy” lends to the greening of our environment with a selection of succulents that do not require a ‘green thumb’ to thrive. 

For the sartorial minded there is a fashion statement for every age and persuasion from flow-ey to boho and classically minimal.  Here are one-of-a-kind collections from emerging designers at “gasp” prices that undercut even the Big Box store fast fashion glut.  Vanessa Salazar is carrying on her mother’s legacy as a second generation designer of De Palma World sustainable swimwear,  replete with more pastels than an Easter basket.   The Primal Bakery, a division of Green Global Foods and makers of dense nutrient rich breads  ended the M4M market with fresh loaves gifted among the vendors and stragglers. 

The gathering of creative independent purveyors admitted in the words of Pedro Camaco and partner of Handmade Apothecary Soaps, “Since the devastating economic fallout of the global pandemic our ‘side hustle’  has become, as for many, a full time occupation. Many among us are adopting a new millennium perspective”. National Public Radio calls it a ‘cosmic point of view’,  that is,  life is more about deceleration than a frantic pace underpinning a endless ethos to buy-buy-buy! Watch this column and at  for a calendar of future Markets for Makers Events and Artisan Pop Ups throughout South Florida and beyond where  “Purchasing power is a license to purchase power.”-  Raoul VarneigMiguel and Marem.

Cristiane Roget 
Sr. Correspondent 

Fashion Events

Roch the Cause 2020 “The Elephant in the Room”, A Benefit for Charities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NFL Sisters in Service, Inc a group of wives and daughters of NFL Players will host Roch the Cause 2020 “The Elephant in the Room”; on Tuesday, December 15 in South Florida from 8pm on.  A quarterly event, Roch the Cause is where sports, music, fashion and philanthropy come together in one exciting and worthwhile production to raise funds for a multitude of highly organized charities.  

Roch the Cause first debuted as a charity benefit out of St. Roch Market New Orleans in 2016. They opened St. Roch Market Miami in 2018, in 2019 St. Roch Market partnered with EatUp Inc. A  re- launch of the Roch the Cause Initiative took place in Miami in March 2019 with a honored charity called Common Threads,. a national nonprofit that provides children and families cooking and nutrition education to encourage healthy habits that contribute to wellness. “We equip under-resourced communities with information to make affordable, nutritious and appealing food choices wherever they live, work, learn, and play. We know that food is rooted in culture and tradition so we promote diversity in our lessons and recipes, encouraging our participants to celebrate the world around them.” confirms a Roch the Cause spokesperson.

On June 27, 2019 EatUp Inc/St. Roch Market Miami partnered with NFL Sisters in Service to produce the ‘NFL Sisters in Service: Roch the the Cause’, for this benefit the following organizations were highlighted: Kristi’s House, No More Broken Hearts, and Honey Shine.

In 2020 NFL Sisters in Service will highlight the following charity organizations: Code P.I.N.C. 2020, a Tampa based organization that prepares youth in foster care through self-reliance programs; The Mary Seau CTE Foundation in honor of NFL Legend Junior Seau, which provides awareness and education on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE); and Movies Making A Difference which assists victims and survivors of Sex Trafficking receive top billing.   The national sponsors are Duke and Dames Whiskey and Cuffed Design. This year’s theme is “The Elephant in the Room” an aside to the social turmoil that had the nation in its grasp  for the better part of the year.  In the spirit of grass roots activations 100% of the profits raised will benefit three indispensible causes that are sometimes hard to discuss.

The annual broadcast will once again be executive produced in by EatUp Inc and NFL Sisters in Service with co-production by Oe222 Productions and Story Entertainment.

An in-person reception and auction will pre-empt the broadcast at 7pm at Eat Greek the popular Midtown Miami dining destination at 3252 Midtown Blvd, Miami, FL 33137.  Guests are invited to lounge at the Hookah Bar and indulge in a complimentary Ojo de Sol ™ Signature cocktail, gourmet appetizers inspired by Sabatino Truffles ® Worldwide and for the famished dinner reservations are suggested.  A $20 donation will  further benefit the underwriting of Roch the Cause.  The broadcast will feature giveaways, a silent auction that includes exclusive fashions, artwork by the late retired NFL star, Ernie Barnes, Thomas Blackshear artist proof sculptures and more! 

Performances by Kathy Sledge, Broadway stars Syndee Winters and Jelani Remy of The Lion King,  Latin Superstar, Soleil and NFL Wives and team players  will  be on hand to round out the festivities. Speakers for the event include Chris Nowinski with The Concussion Legacy FoundationGarrick Jones – retired NFL Player and contender for the Texans General Manager position, retired NFL player Dr. Herve Damas who will speak on medical use of CBD and Cannabis.

Stephanie Anderson, MSM President and one of the Founders of NFL Sisters in Service, Inc expressed excitement at the opportunity of presenting this year’s event virtually. “I am extremely pleased that as an organization we have the opportunity to reach even more people through a virtual broadcast and to use our connections and skills to raise much needed funds for these organizations at this critical time.”Under our leadership, the NFL and other companies have committed resources to a variety of organizations through grants and giving. We have written grants for The Trayvon Martin Foundation, donated money to The Women’s Fund Miami and worked directly with them to implement the first Super Bowl Host Committee to fight Sex Trafficking at Miami’s Super Bowl LIV; and we are actively trying to get the State of Florida to enact a law against releasing children from foster care during Super Events like the Super Bowl or during a pandemic when they are most vulnerable to human trafficking.” For more information about Roch The Cause or NFL Sisters in Service visit or email

About NFL Sisters in Service, Inc.

NFL Sisters in Service, Inc. is a national 501 c3 comprised of NFL wives, daughters and mothers of current and retired NFL players. The group uses its’ collective influence and professional talents for the purpose of raising money, awareness and volunteering support for charities in their communities. Since its inception, NFL Sisters in Service has been responsible for over $750,000 in grants, sponsorships and donations that have benefited charities and special causes.

For More Information Contact:
Sabrina Hughes-Pegross Director of Communications NFL Sisters in Service, Inc. Direct 469-371-1065

Stephanie Anderson, MSM President & Founder NFL Sisters in Service, Inc. Direct 305-699-1324

To view the live broadcast please look view:

Fashion Events


For all you pent up – shack wacky – covid cave dwellers – art aficionados, fans of fun and denizens of the night join ArtBasil – EatUp,Inc. Evens this weekend .  As is said “the show must go on” and going on it is! A weekend  of visually stimulating pop-ups, parties and in-person satellite exhibits.  Art Basil. org and EatUp Events have been pushed to coincide with Super  across the street from the  newly inaugurated Rubell Museum and Leku Basque bistro. As usual, we’re here to help you get the most of Many mini gatherings, small acts BIG impact. 
Media Relations and  details 310-220-9118


Plenty of museums are throwing their names into the hat for can’t-miss places to add to your Miami Art Week agenda. HistoryMiami debuts a new exhibition on December 3rd: ‘Urban Tranquility: Photographs by C.W. Griffin‘ which explores a one-block radius of Downtown Miami. Celebrate Miami Art Week 2020 with complimentary admission to the Museum of Art and Design (MOAD) through December 6

Rubell Museum, one of the biggest private contemporary art collection in North America‎Inaugural Exhibition · ‎Visit · ‎About Rubell Museum · ‎Face Mask Required

VIPICTURES.COM Recommends LEKU-RUBELL As the Place to converse + indulge + drink + Basque bar menu – 6:30 to 11PM  Closed  Monday & Tuesday.  “Looking toward SuperBlue Miami –  ‘Art-Appatah’ 1100 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127

SATURDAY – 5 MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT is your next best choice with its fashion-forward displays, street art and interactive installations around every corner, and dozens of galleries with new pop-ups to their name. Red Bull unveils its ‘Illume’ exhibit at The Generator Hotel, a show-stopping collection of adventure and sports photography

Planet Fashion Week Saturday,  December 5th from 5pm to 9pm 4141 NE 2nd Avenue. Miami Design District. 33127 “Limited amount of attendees that can be accommodated due to capacity & Covid. Celia Evans – Planet Fashion TV

ACT NOW! Complimentary cocktails, and to see the incredible work by world renowned contemporary artist Bradley Theodore a favorite of A-list celebrities including Adele, Salma Hayek and Bill Clinton. Acclaimed  in global press, GQ and Glamour Magazine. A stalwart in the neo pop Novo Movement he paints fashion icons like Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour. Fashion Show presentation by couture gown designer Cassandra Youngs. Operatic performance by Randy Singer and Veronica Lovan.

The Center for Subtropical Affairs, easily one of the coolest paradise-like venues in all of Miami, is launching two site-specific shows around town but we’re most looking forward to their home base installation with dozens of artists and a swanky opening event in collaboration with Lo-Hi Mag on December 2nd. Local sculptor, Monica Leslie Travis is premiering her works in Little Haiti as well, as part of her “Make Yourself at Home” exhibition.


Oolite Arts: Support local artists through the Oolite Arts’ Pop-Up Exhibition “MATERIALIZE.” All works are for sale and all proceeds go directly to the artists. Ranging from $1 to $250 with select works above $1,000, the curated exhibit includes photographs, prints, zines, books, clothing, jewelry, sculpture and face masks, all created by local artists. The exhibition “materializes” an empty storefront at 928 Lincoln Road. Works are for sale in person in a socially distanced environment and also online starting November 28 at Lincoln Road hours, noon to 8:00 pm from November 28 through December 6.

The Sagamore Hotel: During Art Week, in addition to exhibits throughout the property, The Sagamore will feature galleries in their iconic bungalows for the first time. The Sagamore will make a contribution from ticket sales and a portion of art sales to its cultural partner, The Bass, in support of their art acquisition fund in the purchase of art by  Miami artists. 

Olafur Eliassons Earth Speakr | Interactive Digital Artwork |, Self-Guided Earth Speakr invites residents of South Florida and all over the world to listen to what the next generation has to say about the future of our planet. The artwork promotes cross-generational dialogue at a critical time for Miami Beach in light of rising sea levels.

The Wolfsonian-FIU | 1001 Washington Avenue |
Trolley Stop: 11 Street & Collins Avenue I 10 AM – 6 PM, Thursday – Sunday Exhibiting four new exhibitions, including The New Deal: Art Relief, Art for JusticeYou, Me, We, Us: Solidarity in AIDS Graphic Design and Color and Form: American Depression Glass.  Admission will be free, with online ticketed entry at

Miami Beach Botanical Garden | 2000 Convention Center Drive | Trolley Stop: 17 Street & Meridian Avenue I11 AM – 5 PM,  – Sunday
Be sure to stop by the Miami Beach Botanical Garden to experience this magical oasis, along with live musical performances, sound and media installations and an open-air artisan market.

Miami Design Preservation League | 1001 Ocean Drive |
Trolley Stop: 11 Street & Collins Avenue -9 AM – 5 PM, Monday, Friday-Sunday
Featured exhibitions include Women’s Right to Vote, Featured Local Artist: Urban Sketchers and permanent exhibitions of Art Deco, Mediterranean and Miami Modern historic design styles.

Save the Date December 15 Tuesday NFL Sisters in Service – EatUp Screening Party – Fundraiser I Charity Benefit, Douglas Hardin -786-865-3978 Roget 310-220-9118

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‘Makeover Medicine’ starring Fashionista and Influencer Jackie Beard Robinson and Stylist Haggai Kappach NOW Streaming on BINGE Networks TV

Style icon and fashion expert Jackie Beard Robinson along with Stylist Haggai Kappach are a dynamic duo making people feel and look beautiful.  Jackie Beard Robinson has been a fashion icon and is using her resources, talent and experience to transform individuals’ lives in the series ‘Makeover Medicineth?id=OIP’ now on BINGE Networks TV.

“It all starts with confidence,” says Jackie Beard Robinson, Executive Producer of the series.  “Makeover Medicine not only styling people, but all of my team have the power to make a change that can last a lifetime,” adds Jackie.

Jackie Beard Robinson is always on a mission to give back and help others feel the best they can…with a little extra TLC from her crew of professional designers, makeup artist, hairstylists and friends in this passionate lifestyle series.  They go places and take over to help people feel and look good in sparkling series.  Both Jackie and her dear friend and stylist, Haggai, deliver a dose of ‘Makeover Medicine’ and it usually does the trick for most people.

“We are excited to add the ‘Makeover Medicine’ series to BINGE NETWORKS TV,” says Bonnie Bruderer, founder of BINGE Networks TV. “Jackie and her team not only bring light to people’s lives, they have brought a special feeling to those who view our channel,” added Bruderer.

The series ‘Makeover Medicine’ will showcase head-to-toe transformations of women (and men) in need of Jackie’s expertise and the very first show launched at non-other than the iconic Boca Raton Resort & Spa. This show is a gift of good feeling for all that view it and all the people in the show dedicate their time in this series now being broadcasted for all to view on BINGE Networks TV.

“We are gearing up for our next season of productions and putting the word out for anyone interested in being involved from their expertise in the industry of fashion, hair, makeup to others that might know someone that needs a pick-me-up,” said Adrienne Mazzone, President, TransMedia Group, the media relations director and co-producer for the show. “I enjoy working with Jackie and all that are involved as everyone brings their specialty that attracts viewers from all parts of the world and I encourage anyone interested to write me at,” added Mazzone.

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Shop LC Sponsors The Color of Fashion Panel Highlighting Black Voices in the Fashion Industry

Virtual panel to address representation, diversity, and inclusion in the fashion industry

Shop LC is a proud sponsor of The Color of Fashion, a virtual panel organized by HERdacity. This event is aimed at highlighting Black voices as it confronts issues of representation, diversity, and inclusion in the fashion industry.

“According to, in 2017 the student population at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Black or African American was 9.27%, as compared to 44.3% White, 18.8% Hispanic or Latino, and 11.2% Asian,” explains Carla Nelson, Creator, President, and CEO of Black Fashion World Foundation, Inc. “This is tragic!  Our aim is to eradicate financial barriers that can hinder this demographic of creatives from obtaining the necessary education that is vital to their journey to fulfilling their fashion dreams.”

 As the Black Lives Matter protests have swept through cities around the world, fashion brands have tried to contribute to the conversation. However, much of the diversity that has been granted has not come from a place of true belief in equality, but as the direct result of public pressure. Many fashion industry social media feeds have returned to normal as if diversity and inclusion were a trend. The Color of Fashion panel will address accountability, long term advancement, long term progress, social change, and what true allyship looks like for the fashion industry.

“Shop LC proudly employs people from around the world, and represents dozens of unique ethnicities in our workforce,” says Michelle Long, Director of Communications & CSR, Shop LC. “The privilege for Shop LC to be a Gold Sponsor of this event is a necessary step to help amplify Black voices while we work towards creating an industry that is truly diverse, inclusive, and represents all people in a meaningful way.”

The online panel discussion takes place on Wednesday, August 19th at 5:30 pm (CST) and will feature prominent members of the fashion industry:

  • Moderator: Michelle Washington | TV Style Expert, Fashion Stylist & GQ Insider; as seen on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC & Spectrum News. Michelle’s media experience is approved by the Women’s Media Center.
  • Panelist: Sergio Hudson | Celebrity Fashion Designer; designer for Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Tracee Ellis Ross, Regina King, Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Hensen, The Kardashians and Queen Latifah.
  • Panelist: Sophia Batson | Orchid Magazine Founder & Editor-in-Chief; Sophia has worked with Elle Man Hungary, Elle Italia, Cosmo Hungary and Women’s Wear Daily. She is also a professional diversity and inclusion consultant.
  • Panelist: Kenneth Nicholson | Fashion Designer; a 2020 CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) American Emerging Designer of the Year Nominee. Featured in Vogue, WWD, GQ Magazine, L’Officiel USA, Hypebeast, VICE and Refinery29.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Black Fashion World Scholarship Fund. The BFW Scholarship Fund provides an educational grant to African American’s who are limited financially and have displayed a compelling desire to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

 For more information, and to register for the event, visit

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by Sr. Correspondent Cristiane Roget, France

Kelly Kay Escorted off the Super Bowl Field.jpg

Miami /FL While on the other side of town streaker and publicity seeker Kelly Kay was flashing her bare, Brazilian bum at half time and President ’45’  was calling Kansas, “one of the nation’s greatest states“, Hard Rock security guards failed to recognize 49’ers Coach, Kyle Shanahan redirecting him as he headed to the podium for a post game bloodletting.  Is it any wonder that Miamians have turned being stupid into an art form?  And what a beautiful work of art  Super Bowl Miami 2020 was.   

According to the Daily Beast’s annual “Smartest Cities” survey, the greater Miami Metropolitan area is the 47th ‘dumbest’ of 55 major U.S. areas.   Miami received an IQ score of 61.65 out of a 100, which is slightly above a first grader’s  but slightly below that of a lab chimpanzee.    

One of many reasons  why the visiting ‘smart set’ sat out the Super Bowl hoopla and gridlock making a dash for Allapattah, Miami’s newest go-to destination.   Also known as the Fashion Allapattah Design District  or ‘FADD’ or  West of Wynwood ‘WOW’ and ‘Art-apattah‘ just coined by entrepreneur and neighborhood renovator James Quinlan.

rob-gronkowski-poncho North Miami Beach Band Shell.jpg

“The ‘Big Game Weekend’ and ‘Secret Garden Party’ at the Miami Fashion Collective in Allapattah was one of the most talked about gatherings this side of  ‘the Gronks’ bash at the North Beach Band Shell or Maxim’s Virginia Key Concert without the sticker shock price of admission,” according Gary Kirk Brown of Sports and Swimsuit Magazine.   

Organized by impresarios from Vybelle Models & Media Group, Charles Sutton, Producer and Chief Operating Officer of Vybelle models with renowned Fashion Photographer and Publisher,  Gary Kirk Brown and Co-Founder of Swim the Globe Jeffrey Lubin of Jeffrey Lubin Group,LLC were joined by Swim the Globe co-founder Jennifer Sclafani.  She confirmed that plans for the 4th annual ‘Swim the Globe’ and Sustainable Fashion Week are already in the mix.  The multi-layered event unspooled under in a lush walled Secret Garden with torrential rains that did nothing to dampen anyone’s spirits.

The ‘Big Game Weekend’ in Allapattah was one of the most talked about gatherings this side of the Dolphin Stadiums’ Super Bowl in Miami Gardens. The epicenter of the LIV Super Bowl is in a city outside of Miami proper.  “If the NFL had acquired some level of basic understanding from the ‘Taking the Knee‘ poignant protest, its officials would not have snubbed the Super Bowl host city, which isn’t in Miami but Miami Gardens, the largest predominantly black city in Florida and the fourth-largest in the United States.

Those in the know surmised the City of Miami Gardens was intentionally underplayed in national and global promotion & press due to a predominant demographic that is celebrated on the football field  but was thought to be a possible deterrent to the vanilla vacationers inbound for the ‘Big Game’.

Miami Photographer Hillary Steadle, Adam Tappan,  International Entrepreneur with Jeffrey Lubin , Fashion Producer

Hot Atlantan’s  came down in droves.  Steve Eubanks  was a leader of  the pack and Samuel Rael, civic minded attorney and movie producer kept in check.  No stranger to the spotlight, Eubanks is first cousin to Leilani Sarelle and Meilani  Paul (Basic Instinct – Days of Thunder -Married With Children ) and Ex-Chippendale Dancer, Victor Brookes.   Hyped on Cuban Coffee he entertained with a running monologue.  One of his most astute comments about the Miami Garden fracas ,  “What’s the big deal? We are all pink in the middle!”.

Big Game Weekend Superbowl _David Crystal_Nueva_ Gary Kirk Brown. - Copy.jpg
DeJay GNO _ Indianapolis Colts.jpg

Eubanks made the official announcement that he has been appointed as lead Global Sales Consultant of Akyumen Technologies ™ .  The ground breaking smart phone, tablet and phablet brand name ‘Hawk’ is on the launch pad for public release in April 2020. The proprietary smart phone features a revolutionary HDTV projector that will allow fans at the next Super Bowl to  broadcast the game on a 40′ wall with the most advanced 90 lumen resolution.  Also on the horizon is the release of two more game changing Social Apps.  One the invention of social scientist  Joe Lu of Toronto, known as  and  Diego/Fraser’s  LoveApp.   And  “no!” you cannot have 2 million + friends on either one of these ingenious , closed loop,  social networks.  It doesn’t take a genius to know where the next smart investments are – Websites.   The bonding between guests from the digital technology, leaders in Co-modeco Green Construction, legal beagle Tiffany Shapiro, Esquire, David Crystal, Founder of Crystal Clear Tutors and Former Miami Beach Mayoral Candidate with  Vybelle Model , Nueva were joined by  Restaurateurs from Nebraska, home of ‘the oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett‘. 

A full on fashion show was presented by Vybelle Models and Sports  & Swimsuits Magazine that featured the fashion by Showroom305 that included Guria, among others.

Guests danced and moved to the beats of musical  maestro DJ GNO.Also known as James Waldon, he is the  Official DJ forthe NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and Fox 59 Indianapolis.  He recently opened for Post Malone and Madonna with a mix that kept the multi-generational guests in a dance groove into the late hour.  His extensive collection of musical genres is a tour de force of an impeccably curated musical journeyThe fact he opted for a Secret Garden Party/Big Game Weekend in the backwaters of Miami’s Allapattah overMaxim’s , The Gronks, and the Star Island soiree hosted by Michael Bay and Jamie Foxx is a testament to  Allapattah’s burgeoning global appeal.