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CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS trendy fair trade, sustainable brand

London/Colombia-based Sustainable Fashion Brand is launching a Kickstarter Campaign on September 15, 2016.
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Claudia Gimeno: +44 7512909151

CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS is a fair trade, sustainable brand that works with indigenous artisans in North Colombia. Daniela Castellanos, the founder, is a young social entrepreneur that strives to make a social impact in the fashion industry through her bags that embrace the human story of the artisans and provide clean water in deprived areas. Watch her videos working with Indige- nous women in Colombia:

CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS strives to deliver hand-made luxury products with a message of social responsibility, whilst empowering indigenous communities and sustaining the finest craftsmanship in Colombia. Each bag tells a story of tradition, culture and heritage.

  • CASTELLANO bags and bracelets are currently carried in 20 independent boutiques in the UK including 6 in London and the department store Bentalls (Fenwick group).
  • CASTELLANO has partnered with the corporate responsibility team from Swarovski Crystals to receive materials that are used for a limited collection of headbands. Read a post about the Water project.

Social impact:

How can we help to solve social problems through our products? How can we make consumers aware of the issues?

  • We currently work with up to 200 Wayuu women in the North of Colombia. Every bag is paid 50% upfront to help their daily needs.
  • We generate work for 12 people in our workshop in Bogotá to embroider our Swarovski bracelets.
  • We have partnered with a woman’s organization in RISARALDAD, COLOMBIA who make our macramé bracelets at home.
  • We are able to provide 10.000 litres of water to 15 rural villages, sufficient for about 35 people in each village, twice a month.
  • We aim to bring sustainable power pots to give light at night to women and children lacking basic electricity for their homework and weaving work.

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We are different because we want to connect two worlds – the indigenous, native world (heritage culture, tradition and craftsmanship) and the world of luxury fashion (high-end consumer).

According to Founder and CEO, Daniela Castellanos,

“our ultimate goal is to gain the trust and respect of people everywhere, just as we have done with the local communities. We want you to believe in us and identi- fy with our mission. We want to touch your heart and connect you to a far-away corner of the world.” Social Media links:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Videos |

Founder: Daniela Castellanos | Twitter: @DaniCastellanoM Mobile: +44 799058776

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