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Cozzette Introduces Infinite Eyeshadows for Fall

Cozzette is announcing the launch of their latest line of eyeshadow pigments with a formula perfect for both causal and professional makeup application.
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Hillis Pugh

New York – Aug 3, 2016 Professional makeup artist and founder of Cozzette Inc., Roque Cozzette has spent the better part of the last three decades creating exceptional looks for runways and magazines. He considers himself, first, a compassionate creator with a goal of making his subjects feel better so that they can look better. This begins with cruelty free products and products that were designed to heal, body and soul. Although self-taught, his career began in the 80’s with Shiseido Cosmetics. Each year he continued to push his knowledge and interests into other areas that he believed were both creative and useful. After years of being behind the scenes “beating faces” and creating provocative looks using makeup, Cozzette branched out into his own line of brushes and cosmetics. Every product has three things in common: cruelty-free, long-lasting, and the ability to hold up under professional circumstances. His latest line of eyeshadows is a burst of sensual fall colors, deep rich reds and violets, marigold yellows, autumn greens and blues, and gorgeous eye-catching metallics.

“With my fall collection I wanted to deliver colors that tell a story and evoke feelings,” says Cozzette.

“Each of the Infinite Eyeshadows are made with macro pigments that are the very latest in cosmetic technology. We have mattes, velvets, and crystal textures in each of our color palettes.  I am so excited to see what people come up with after using them.”

Cozzette has a history with cruelty free conscious product development with his Infinite Makeup and line of professional brushes. His dream of creating products with easy and a peace of mind he hopes will change the way people view makeup applications.

With digital technologies in natural and synthetics available, why harm an animal to create makeup products,” he asks.

As a respected public figure in the makeup artist community he believes it is important to set high standards of beauty with his products, or else why enter such a competitive market? His background in photography, played a huge role in the design of perfect pigments that can stand up to natural and studio lightning. Additionally, it was important for Cozzette in his designs to remain true to his philosophy of inclusion by making his products items that can work with all skin tones.

The price of the individual Infinite Eyeshadows in a square 3 grams pro pan is $13. Currently there are thirty-six shades in the initial launch.

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