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Premium High Potency EGF Stem Cell Facial Treatment Released to the Public

Med Spa EGF Facials from the Comfort of Home
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Consumer can save $100 using coupon code SAVE100 at checkout.

Making its debut at the 2017 FLL Fashion Week and sponsors of the Beauty Bar Lab & Lounge; NeoCorium, LLC. announced the immediate availability of their premium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment to the public.

This high potency EGF (epidermal growth factor) stem cell formula was once reserved for a few elite med spas and is revered as the “gold-standard” for anti-aging facials. NeoCorium is now delivering this all-natural, clinical-grade EGF stem cell concentrate into everyone’s hands- no appointment necessary.

“We are so excited to give everyone the chance to step into the future of anti-aging skin care. The ability to give yourself an EGF stem cell facial in your own home is groundbreaking,” states Jennifer Aldrich, Director of Communications at NeoCorium, LLC.

Loved by celebrities and estheticians alike, EGF stem cell formulas are considered one of the best advancements in the anti-aging market to date. Most brands of EGF serums on the market today, have one or two growth factors in their formulas. Neocorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment tops them all by using 4500 cc of 9 different growth factors– one of the highest concentrations in a single formula available today. This high powered EGF stem cell concentrate penetrates skin all the way into the dermal layer where skin cell growth and rejuvenation take place; allowing you to experience the maximum anti-aging benefits possible.

“Products that are coming to market that include advancements in stem cell science like NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment, give everyone power over aging,” states Vasiliki Karlin, clinical aesthetician, founder of Nayked Botanicals.

NeoCorium’s formula is an all-natural balanced mixture of 9 different growth factors and stem cells that work together as a dual-phase approach to anti-aging. First- the EGF stem cell concentrate deeply hydrates, restores lost volume and renews skin’s surface by smoothing, lifting, firming and evening skin tone- addressing every single sign of aging.

Second- the formula actively targets the cause of unseen UV damage, stimulates the repair and rebuilding of the damaged skin barrier, rapidly stimulates collagen and elastin production, and regenerates new, healthy cells below skin’s surface.

The multiple concentrated growth factors and stem cells in NeoCorium’s EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment can effectively rival in-office EGF anti-aging facials- in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The release of this anti-aging treatment to the public is a win for anyone seeking an intensive but non-invasive approach to tackle turning back the hands of time.

NeoCorium EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Availability:

NeoCorium, LLC. released their EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment to the public to provide everyone with a complete anti-aging solution that rivals med spa EGF anti-aging facials, from the convenience and comfort of home. For a limited time at https://NeoCorium.com consumer can save $100 using coupon code PR100 at checkout.

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