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(SEATTLE, WA) Amor & Rosas debuted their socially conscious, premium women’s clothing and accessory line to an enthusiastic crowd on Saturday at the first show of Austin Fashion Week: Moda x Mexico. This was the first show for Amor & Rosas, whose runway looks featured modern design mixed with cultural art forms from around Latin America such otomi embroidering, an ancestral technique from Hidalgo, Mexico. Following the show attendees were treated to a pop up shop where they purchased the brand’s hand painted bomber jackets, hand woven rebozo dresses and gold plated jewellery they had just seen walk the runway.

Amor & Rosas was founded in 2016 by two passionate female social entrepreneurs, Debra Broberg and Laura Melendrez. Broberg and Melendrez met at Yale School of Management where they learned they share the same passions: women’s issues and social impact. Amor & Rosas was formed based on their shared belief that fashion can transform the lives of not just those who wear it, but the people who make it. Prior to working with Endeavor, their current business accelerator, Amor & Rosas won a prestigious Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship in 2016.

“I started Amor & Rosas because I recognize the talent and capability of women in my country, who are full of unleashed potential,” says Laura Melendrez. Melendrez’s business partner and Amor & Rosas’ co-founder, Debra Broberg adds “the fashion industry is in a crisis, and there is an opportunity for us to make beautiful clothing, while holding ourselves to high ethical standards. It’s exciting to see consumers become more conscious and make more responsible choices when they shop.”

Amor & Rosas is also pleased to announce expanding partnerships with artisans as they move into their second collection including additions of embroidery from Chiago, Mexico. Each piece of clothing is signed by the artisan who did the handmade piece work on the garment. With their mandate in mind, they pay above average prices to their artisans for their work with them in their participatory design model.

Amor & Rosas is a sustainable fashion company based in Mexico City, Mexico. Amor & Rosas produces high quality garments that are made to last and feature handmade artisanal embellishments. Sustainable sources and manufacturing practices are of the utmost importance. Amor & Rosas provides opportunities to capable women across Latin America and strive to preserve Mexican heritage. By partnering with artisans across multiple villages, Amor & Rosas not only supports women and their families, they also revive ancestral techniques that are near extinction. Social impact has never looked so good.


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