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How much to spend on an engagement ring

Have you made the big decision of purchasing (and presenting) an engagement ring? We know this can be a nerve-wracking and even scary time, but it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do!

Now that you’ve decided to get married, the next question that people planning to propose have been asking themselves since the dawn of engagements is, “How much should I spend on the engagement ring?”

It’s a valid question and one you should know the answer to before you start shopping.  With the incredibly varied costs of diamond rings, you can spend (and waste) a lot of time searching if you don’t have an amount in mind from the very beginning.  Once you know how much you can reasonably spend, work with a trusted sales associate (or a few) to determine what types of engagement rings are within that budgeted amount.  Even if your budget is small, there are many great options that will result in a beautiful ring that will symbolize the much, more important thing in play here – your love and commitment.  If you haven’t looked at diamond simulants yet, have a look!  Science has come a long way in helping us offer options that are not only earth-friendly and violence-free, but really beautiful and incredibly affordable compared to their pure carbon diamond counterparts.

Spending on the engagement ring
That said, the decision on what amount to spend or what diamond ring cost is acceptable and fits for you, is a question only you can answer.  There will likely be some sacrifice involved in the purchase and that’s part of the beauty and meaning tied up in your unique diamond ring.  However, conventional mandates about how many months pay, or how many dollars to spend or how large the diamond should be are out the window, and we say, “Good riddance!”

Only you can determine what’s smart, viable and practical for you to spend on an engagement ring.  Take a moment, sit down, do the math and know that there is no wrong amount to arrive at for your diamond ring cost.  It represents your love – it isn’t your actual love.  The stress of how much to spend on an engagement ring should not overshadow the beauty of arriving at a place where you’ve found the person you’d like to share your life with.

Eco Diamond® offers unique diamond rings that are as ethical and responsible as they are beautiful.  We’re proud to offer a broad range of prices, so that you can present one of our gorgeous, earth-conscious, conflict-free engagement rings to your love – no matter how much you decide to spend on your engagement ring.

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