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Is cheap botuline made in Korea comparable to American botox?

Many people ask themselves what is the critical difference when it comes to Korean and American Botox. They have unexplained fears when making a choice on which Botox is ideal for them. Today, we will help you understand the differences between botuline made in Korea and the American botox.  

What is Botox
First of all, what is Botox? Botox is a drug used for cosmetic purposes. It is applied on muscles to reduce wrinkles and reduce jaw width hence giving you a better look. It is also used in treating muscular conditions. It does this by temporary paralyzing the muscles. It is administered by a qualified physician only to achieve effective results.

Due to aging, the skin tends to lose its youthful component and natural collagen; hence, botox helps to restore the skin and smoothen it eliminating wrinkles in the process. This helps improve your self-confidence and feel young and youthful. As from the site it is good to note that Botox is a brand just like how Apple is a brand, and there are many brands available, including BoNT, Dysport, and Xeomin.

Botuline started being used for cosmetic purposes almost 40 years ago and has been effective in eliminating wrinkles. Botox from the US has been approved and has shown superior results compared to cheap Korean botuline. 

American Vs. Korean Botox, which is the BEST?
Korean Botox dominates the market mainly in Asia and the American botox and Xeomin dominate the American markets. The key differences are primarily on prices and results after application.

Key differences
The main differences between Korean botuline and American botox include:

  • Korean botuline is cheaper than the American botox
  • Korean botox is easy to apply to the muscles compared to American botox and yield better results.
  • The American botox works exceptionally well on small muscles, unlike Korean botox, which mainly works well for large muscles.

However, both American and Korean botox can be used interchangeably and yield impressive results, but it is advisable to consult a qualified physician to know which Botox is best for you. Botox product such as Xeomin is used to treat blepharospasm with minimal side effects, but Korean botuline  have no side effects and therefore it is comparable to American botox.

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