The driving force of the Arts & Fashion Exhibition, inaugurated on November 23, is the innovative group comprising members of the university’s EMBA in Global Fashion programs.

Ed Yen, Chief Operating Officer (COO) to the Center of Arts and Fashion, NTNU, is one of the first batch of graduate students who took the pioneer EMBA Program in Global Fashion offered by NTNU. He is also CEO of GCA Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Unveiled together on the same day was Arts & Fashion Association of Taiwan (AFAT), given birth by the same supporting units from academic, technical, marketing and research & development fields and the government.

Attending the inauguration ceremony included Chang Kuo-En, President of National Taiwan Normal University, Cheng Li-Chiun, Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Hsia Hsieh-Li, Director of EMBA in Global Fashion, and Jiang Qing-zhong and Li Guo-cin, representatives from Arts & Fashion Association of Taiwan.

“We have so many talents in music, visual arts, fashion, performing arts and technology, and we have rich resources in manufacturing and marketing. When the value of a brand emerges, we certainly will be able to make sparks in the international market. With excellence in brand products and good business reputation, we definitely will make giant advancements in the world,” Yen said.

The NTNU’s EMBA in Global Fashion has been reputed for its creativity and innovation. Program members have been consulted by businesses and industries both from Taiwan and abroad, such as by Chia Yi City Government in Taiwan for promotion of its music festival, by Japan’s Kaga city for advancing its traditional craftsmanship, and by organizers of various shows in France, Canada and the United States. Fashion makers in countries in Southeast Asia also are trying to seek partnership in Taiwan through the platform.

The Arts & Fashion Exhibition has scheduled following events in December:

  • December 10: A fashion show featuring works of mixed design in art, culture and fashion will be held on NTNU campus. To be presented include brand designs by noted Taiwanese fashion designer Jason Wu, gowns created by Ciou Chun-Yu from D-S Wedding, ceramic art pieces by sculptor Li Guo-cin, and works by floral artist Jhu Yong-An. The fashion creations will be modelled by noted singer Lian Pei-ru and Lin You-li from Eelin Entertainment.
  • December 13: Stage play “World of Creations” will be taking place at the NTNU campus fountain on the full moon night. The play explores conflicts in traditional and contemporary arts.
  • December 17: “Summit of Fashions” will be held at NTNU’s international conference room.

Photo caption: NTNU President Chang Kuo-En (8th from L), Taiwan Culture Minister Cheng Li-Chun (7th from L, and GF-EMBA Director Hsia Hsuen-Li (9th from L) pose with other members of the Arts & Fashion Exhibition at inauguration.

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