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Is cheap botuline made in Korea comparable to American botox?

Many people ask themselves what is the critical difference when it comes to Korean and American Botox. They have unexplained fears when making a choice on which Botox is ideal for them. Today, we will help you understand the differences between botuline made in Korea and the American botox.  

What is Botox
First of all, what is Botox? Botox is a drug used for cosmetic purposes. It is applied on muscles to reduce wrinkles and reduce jaw width hence giving you a better look. It is also used in treating muscular conditions. It does this by temporary paralyzing the muscles. It is administered by a qualified physician only to achieve effective results.

Due to aging, the skin tends to lose its youthful component and natural collagen; hence, botox helps to restore the skin and smoothen it eliminating wrinkles in the process. This helps improve your self-confidence and feel young and youthful. As from the site it is good to note that Botox is a brand just like how Apple is a brand, and there are many brands available, including BoNT, Dysport, and Xeomin.

Botuline started being used for cosmetic purposes almost 40 years ago and has been effective in eliminating wrinkles. Botox from the US has been approved and has shown superior results compared to cheap Korean botuline. 

American Vs. Korean Botox, which is the BEST?
Korean Botox dominates the market mainly in Asia and the American botox and Xeomin dominate the American markets. The key differences are primarily on prices and results after application.

Key differences
The main differences between Korean botuline and American botox include:

  • Korean botuline is cheaper than the American botox
  • Korean botox is easy to apply to the muscles compared to American botox and yield better results.
  • The American botox works exceptionally well on small muscles, unlike Korean botox, which mainly works well for large muscles.

However, both American and Korean botox can be used interchangeably and yield impressive results, but it is advisable to consult a qualified physician to know which Botox is best for you. Botox product such as Xeomin is used to treat blepharospasm with minimal side effects, but Korean botuline  have no side effects and therefore it is comparable to American botox.

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UK Maje, successful Brand story

For the most part, weather has played an integral part in how we dress. There are days when it is warm or hot and those that are cold. Sometimes it is just humid and cool, but nonetheless, we still have to be wary of what to wear. Nowadays, there are numerous brands and acquiring fine clothing is somewhat easier. So, it is more of knowing when to wear that favorite top, or when to drop your sneakers and opt for leather flat-soled shoes. For women, it is a complex process of picking what to wear.

Each day can present a different challenge and it becomes difficult to decide on a chunky loafer or knee-high boots! Dresses can be considered stylish but not sufficient to keep you warm in the low temperatures on cooler seasons. This is why most designers create look books and launch season collections. Sifting through a look book during the colder months means you can actually look stylish and keep warm. An office-ready dress can be stylish and go with everything, including some key accessories such as watches and even an anklet.

You can mix and match them with leather belts even when they have solid colors that are not usually associated with a 9 to 5 schedule. If you decide to have an evening out, perhaps pairing it with a denim jacket and a scarf will set heads turning due to the alluring sense of taste. A skirt with a corseted waist and collar detail matched with booties mean you strut around in a high fashion sense, but don’t forget a blazer for the chilly morning and cold evening. You can almost never go wrong with a leather bag. Just make sure it is not large enough to insinuate that you are traveling but it should be small enough to be comfortable to carry around. Finally, one aspect of fashion that most ladies get wrong is with accessories, especially jewelry.

A minimalist necklace can go with almost any type of dress code be it official or casual attire. It is even better when it has a mid-sized pendant. You can check up more looks here; Maje UK –


Angela Clark makes a Statement at New York Fashion Week

Angela Clark statement jewelry certainly made a statement at New York Fashion Week Sustainable Fashion Day.  Based in Melbourne Australia, Clark creates intricate designs that are both ethical and sustainable. She has pieces for example, in which an antique 1920’s compact case becomes a bold pendant centerpiece. Her Jewelry is an eclectic mix of timeless and modern. These accessories are much more than jewelry, they are almost apparel with Swarovski crystals woven into breastplates and skirt-like waist covers. Each piece is one of a kind.  Earlier in the evening before the fashion show, Clark spoke in the Sustainable Fashion Day panel discussion. Clark talked about her experiences with being an ethical designer. This is a trend in the fashion industry towards giving back and sharing talent and resources with the underprivileged or dis-advantaged in the global community. She has a history of assisting indigenous cultures by teaching contemporary jewelry making techniques and helping tribal women to up-cycle waste materials into viable jewelry components.

A Model at Sustainable Fashion Day in AngelaClarkJewelry

During her Jewelry fashion show, later that evening. Clark teamed her accessories with Eugeene Teh sheer garments. Teh, a costume designer from Australia made gorgeous nude dresses, tops and pants, that ranged from form fitting to billowy, and were statement pieces in their own right.

Lear more about Angela Clark at

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Oliver Tolentino’s High Glamour at NYFW Sustainable Fashion Day

Planet Fashion produced Sustainable Fashion Day at New York Fashion Week and was thrilled to have Oliver Tolentino show his renowned sustainable collection. Tolentino, showed an intricate couture collection of evening gowns made of fabric derived from Pineapple leaves.

Well known in Hollywood, Tolentino’s couture dresses have been seen on the red carpet at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, and Grammys. His eco-couture pieces have been worn by many celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Emmy Rossum, and Jessica Alba. Tolentino works with all types of fabrics but enjoys creating with sustainable fabrics.


The designer’s ready-to- wear boutique is located on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills, California.

You can find out more about Oliver Tolentino here:


Eco-Fashion Fashion Industry Fashion Week

Bridgett Artise A Leader In Sustainable Fashion at New York Fashion Week

Bridgett Artise the designer of the label “Born Again Vintage” made a stunning display with her latest collection at Sustainable Fashion Day during New York Fashion Week. Artise is a fashion icon in the New York scene.

She is a sustainable fashion expert featured in the New York Times, and published author of “Born Again Vintage: 25 ways to deconstruct, reinvent and recycle your wardrobe”.

A cutting edge fashion designer, Artise also demonstrates her fashion prowess within her own wardrobe. She’s someone you notice when she walks in the room.  Sustainable Fashion Day was certainly more credible with her involvement.


She’s a professor of Fashion and Sustainability at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and has a summer residency teaching Sustainable fashion in Paris. The collection she showed was a reinvention and reuse of recycled fabrics and textiles.  She spoke in the panel discussion earlier in the evening about up-cycling and trends in the sustainable fashion movement.

You can find out more on Bridgett Artise here:

Eco-Fashion Fashion Week

Vegan Shoe Brand designed by Stacey Chung Presented at Sustainable Fashion Day During New York Fashion Week.

Stacey Chung brought her Veerah vegan shoe brand to Sustainable fashion Day at New York Fashion Week.

This past fashion week season, the first ever Sustainable Fashion Day was launched during New York Fashion Week at Ideal Glass Studios in the East Village. The event was produced Celia Evans Polhemus, fashion media and events producer for Planet Fashion.

The goal of the event was to address human impact on the environment though fashion, and to show what’s new in terms of fashion production and manufacturing.

One of the highlights of the evening was a panel discussion with Stacey Chung the CEO and designer for Veerah Shoes, an incredible vegan shoe brand that recently launched in NYC. Made of Apple leather, the brand succeeds at achieving a high fashion aesthetic. After working at Coach for years Chung set out to design a shoe brand that fit with her environmental ideology.

Aside from its all-natural textiles, Veerah shoes are sustainable because each shoe comes with attachable accessories, so that effectively one shoe can be transitioned into several styles. Stacey’s theory is that instead of wastefully buying 5 shoes, why not by one with 5 various attachable accessories.

Chung is a charming and determined fashionista that aims to change the world of shoes for the better.

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FAD.District-WestWynwood, Miami/ South Beach, Florida – Fairwind Hotel

photo by Marcello Cassano

Save the Date FridayDecember 7 and Saturday December 8 th.  Art aficionados, members of the press and astute collectors are invited to participate in a full calendar of must-attend Art Installations from South Beach’s Fairwind Hotel on 19th & Collins –  to an all day garden party and collective art exhibition in the Miami Fashion Collective in the heart of the burgeoning  FAD.District in Westside Allapattah.

Two  days of Art Activations, receptions and events are set to coincide with ArtBasel 2018. Presided over by Lawrence Johansen of Livin’ Lux Publishing , Jennifer Sclafani of Showroom-305 and Media Partner’s AdAvenueGroup / VIPictures, the city wide pop-ups feature inspiring exhibits and a full complement of’s fine food by  Today’s Restaurant News  honored chefs  & 10 Collins Restaurant & Lounge in the Fairwind 4.5 star rated hotel. 

Unveiling – new works by DANIEL STANFORD, luminary of the pop novo genre returns to ArtBasel.  Rhianna, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian among his avid collectors.

YANLUIS BERGARECHE a masterful, world – renowned contemporary artist of Cuban descent, debut’s his ‘obras’ for the first time in North America.  Marcello Cassano , Antoine Verglas and Retna are slated to make an appearance.

Epicurean demo’s with all organic signature berry cocktails will be served.  Sheer Bliss.  Acclaimed fashion photographers and informal modeling of sustainable fashion by Flamingo Vintage Kilo-Pound, Showroom- 305 (SwimtheGlobe) , Thrift By the Pound in Flamingo Plaza and Pure Lorraine will provide sartorial  elegance and flair.


Friday – December 7 – Evening

A Collector & Media Reveal and Roof Top Preview Reception. The newly imagined historical  Fairwind – South Beach. A destination property & Soft Opening of 10 Collins Food & Spirits with Master Chef Frank Imbarlina serving his rendition of classic American Seasonal cuisine.

With deep culinary roots that span the globe, Chef Frank empowers his guests. His mantra is understanding “that eating is not passively consuming.” The reinvented Fairwind kitchen will be treating Art Basel guests with epicurean demonstrations, magical mixology  & delectable tasting menu,  apres-dinner reservations.   As is the case with many of South Florida’s top eateries 10 Collins Restaurant & Lounge’s Seasonal Menu is  globally eclectic. 1000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139   Book Rooms now! at their 13 Royal Stay Miami Hotels.

Saturday – December 8 -ALL Day to Sunset, Garden Party with an Open House- Out Door Garden Exhibit in West Wynwood ,Fashion Allapattah Art District – hosted by Miami Fashion Collective, art galleries & establishments in the immediate area. including all day dja’s at Flamingo By the Pound and live mural and artist showcase, come by for a bit of South  Brew. Boo ha…731 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127. 1 Blk West of I-95!  Beat the gridlock & take State Road 7 Avenue a North – South Corridor.   A palettes throw from Wynwood Art District. Sir Dylan Duke spinning sexy ambiance Complimentary Admission with Eventbrite RSVP. for media, influencers, art collectors and cultural aficinados.  Giving  Forward, with Livin’ Lux Full Calendar of Events beginning at $50. donation per guest. Proceeds to be donated in part to WisdomLand & Self Sustaining Shelters –, founded by Dame Munni  Irone of Beverly Hills, CA and the Churchill Center with Dr. Dana Churchill of DAFOH.og.

Art , Multi Media –   Fine Art & Photography Installations Culinary Excellence  curated  for the cultural connoisseur is celebrating its 9th South Florida/California iteration.

– Create- – Show – – Inspire-

A note of Appreciation to


And for those on a liquid diet founder of South Beach Brewery, Lorenzo Borghese and Trey Jagger, visionary entrepreneurs.  Borghese returned last week from a cooperative global confab expanding the South Beach Brewery Horizons.  He modestly down plays his role as a “Bachelor” in ABC’s ninth season.  The brewers will keep guests sated with beer based infusions of Strawberry orange mimosa , south peach Shandy and Blood Orange Sunset. 

A poem dedicated to Jewel of Russia Vodka-she always got a flask. now she got a heartache and a faded henna tat. lately i’ve been lonely and she’s been really sad. So we climbed to the roof top we took the last swig & took in the sky with a silvery slice of moon shivering on top.

her finger has a tan line but we don’t mention it. i can’t hold down my liquor
or my laughter so i spit.  she takes it like it’s agua she’s got those Russian genes.

An homage to Andres Verglas and Retna. Lawrence Johansen, Publisher LivinLux,  Jennifer Sclafani presides on December 8, All Day 731 NW 28th Street, Miami, FL 33127 joined by Vintage Buy The Pound , at 719 NW 29th Street at NW 7th Avenue, and Francois Huynh, Former Project Manager Yahoo and current founder,  Cristiane Roget, Correspondent with visionary photo journalist Marcello Cassano.


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Mastersuit: How to Dress a Man

The classic suit is one of the most difficult things to sew. The tailor’s professionalism and the quality of the material will determine how the costume will fit. But the slightest flaw will spoil the suit. Therefore, for the atelier it’s especially honorable to establish itself as a workshop.

Return to classics

Mastersuit has been engaged in bespoke and made to measure sewing for more than 20 years. In the first case, the costume is sewn completely by hand, according to an individual sketch in Moscow at the production of the atelier. In the second one, the client’s measurements are sent to Italy, where they are applied by modifying standard patterns.

Traditionally it is believed that men are more restrained and unpretentious in terms of clothing. Many people do not pay attention that they are wearing clothes of the wrong size, do not follow fashion trends and prefer something simpler and more understandable than a suit.

But there are situations when a suit is the only acceptable thing. You can’t participate a wedding or anniversary, a business meeting or an official presentation without a suit. There are positions that require it.

The creators of the atelier, Antonio and Ramos Palacios-Fernandez, decided to eradicate this stereotype and make Russian men love for exquisite and stylish clothes. They adopted respect for good clothes from their mother, a true professional. It determined their future path and business philosophy.

The principles of the atelier

Mastersuit changed the well-established image of male indifference to fashion. The first thing they did here was helping clients relax.

Sewing of one suit takes about 100 hour. Customer should definitely visit atelier 2-3 times. A real oasis of peace was createdto ease the “heavy burden” of fittings,. Here client can relax.

About 100 people work in the atelier. Six designers and three tailors with more than thirty years of experience are working on sketching and model development. Work in the studio is saturated. Tailoring one suit takes from 4 to 6 weeks. But this time is not wasted.

Talented employees of the atelier help to create an individual image and emphasize the best qualities of the client, taking into account the type of figure and appearance features.

Another principle of the Mastersuit is high demands on the material. If a small defect is found on the fabric, the entire batch is returned back to the factory and no longer cooperates with this manufacturer. The operation takes only the best fabrics of the foreign producers. Ungaro, LoroPiana, Dormeuil, etc.

Creating the image

Studio owners say that they already can see changes in customer approach to clothing. Customers ordered exclusively costumes of basic, neutral colors, but now they are increasingly choosing bright and unusual fabrics of the highest quality.

Mastersuit is increasingly moving away from standard sets of fabrics, buttons, catalogs. Here they create an image, selecting a ready-made harmonious image for everyone.

Men are not afraid to experiment with style and materials. This is all the merit of the Mastersuit. Boutique has demonstrated that fashion can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.





Company website:

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The Best Fashion Shows To Attend

Get set for a flight Los Angeles – Paris and vice versa; as well as to the city of Milan, New York, London and Chicago, as we present to you the best fashion show events to attend around the world.

From the fashion weeks in Los Angeles, to those in Paris, London, New York and Milan, here are the best fashion shows to attend this year:

  1. Paris Fashion Week

Perhaps one of the most popular and most attended fashion shows in the world, the Fashion Week in Paris features various designer presentations which are held twice yearly in the French capital of Paris. The fashion shows have the spring/summer events as well as the autumn/winter show events.

The dates for the Fashion Week are usually determined by France’s Fashion Federation and are held in various venues in the City of Light.

In this fashion event, shows for men, haute couture and RTWs are organized. Famous brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Céline, Louis Vuitton, and others host their fashion shows every year in various centers around Paris.

The Fashion Week in Paris is among the fashion weeks dubbed as the Big Four, alongside the fashion weeks in London, New York and Milan.

The fashion shows in these big cities begin in New York, and then in London, followed by Milan and ending in Paris.

This recent years you could feel that Chicago is on the mood to celebrate fashion also. You can still grab your flight Chicago – Paris before LA Fashion week

An independent partnership with Chicago established business, Fashion Week offers a platform for independent fashion designers, producers and models.

FASHION WEEK was created to increase economic development in the area of fashion design, merchandising and modeling by working with all facets of the fashion industry to popularize, promote and celebrate the creative and artistic fashion culture and within the Chicago metro area

  1. The LA Fashion Week

This is a Fashion Week which holds twice in a year in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Biannually, many fashion show producers host fashion events in Greater LA, precisely in months of March as well as October. Traditionally, the 3rd weekend in these months are dedicated to the start of the fashion events.

However, recently, independent show producers have been timing Fashion Week-related events to come a bit aligned with the Los Angeles Fashion Market Week.

  1. The Fashion Week in London

The London Fashion Week is a fashion trade show which takes place biannually in London in February as well as in September.

The fashion show showcases more than 250 fashion designers to the international audience of popular retailers and media. As mentioned earlier, the LFW is part of the Big Four fashion weeks.

  1. The New York Fashion Week

Also one of the most attended fashion show in the world and part of the Big Four, the NYFW holds biannually in February as well as in September. The series of fashion events usually last for seven to nine days. During these fashion events, fashion collections of international tastes are presented to buyers, the public and the press.

The W is a replication of the older series of fashion events known as the “Press Week,” which was founded in the year 1943.

  1. The Milan Fashion Week

This fashion trade event is held twice yearly in the fashion-conscious city of Milan, Italy.

It is an autumn/winter fashion show which holds every February/March in the year. The spring/summer version holds every September/October every year.

The fashion week was established in the year 1958 as part of the global Big Four fashion events.

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FLAMINGO-Vintage Pound-Grand Opening-‘It’s a Groovy Kind of Love’, Saving the Planet, Stylishly. Sept 21-22 ’18

by Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent  a division of  –  rsvp 310-220-9118

FAD.D. West Wynwood-Miami/ Be the first! in South Florida to experience American  Made Vintage from the Beat 50’s to the Disco 90’s  – Purchased by the Pound at Flamingo, Vintage Pound Grand Opening!  Guests are invited to attend the VIP Media Reception & Sneak Preview – Friday – September 21 from 4PM – 8PM.  The Grand Open House is slated to un-spool SaturdaySeptember 22 from  1 PM to 8PM.

Guests may r.s.v.p. at

The debut opening weekend of Flamingo, Vintage Pound, brings  a new breed of clothing retail that specializes in  retro wearable’s and collectibles curated and sold by the pound. The all-day open house celebration features a vintage car display from South Beach Classics.  Music by Jolt Radio, an online radio station based in the Fashion Allapattah Design District (FAD.D.) will showcase e-jays spinning  eclectic and genre specific vinyl for your listening pleasure.  Gourmet tasting menu’s with locally crafted libations will be served, so,  come with an appetite and empty out the penny bank.

Flamingo’s Vintage Pound Grand Opening has the entire Wynwood and Miami community rallying around the sneak preview. “We received 100’s of RSVP’s even prior to this announcement,” confirms Daniel Martinez, Founder and CEO of Flamingo – Vintage Pound and Vintage Kilo in EuropeDaniel attributes this out pouring to their loyal customers “passing the wordfrom FVP’s outlets in Manhattan, Houston, New Mexico and  Barcelona and now in the burgeoning Fashion Allapattah Design District, FAD.D.  (1 block West of I-95)

Daniel says “Add up 2 years in the build out at 791 NW 29th Street on the corner of NW 7th Avenue/441-StateRoad 7 in Miami , 33127 and an onerous permitting process,  this is one store whose time has come!” With T-shirt’s  to Tuxedo’s the average age of our inventory is older than much of our loyal clientele.  Our motto is  to Restyle – Refashion and Revamp.”

“Good things never die.  There is a new breed of shoppers that have made Flamingo, Vintage Pound  their first stop on the search for what makes-up their sartorial statement,” says Carmen Brizuela and Alexandra Suarez , Flamingo’s Miami stylists.  Carmen’s carefully curated looks change daily as bundles of new T’s, overalls, and slinky- sexy dresses arrive from America ports of call.

Among the co- hosts are Serge Achilles of “Hukilou“, Master Vegan Chef Rahien Jones and Patricia Jones author of the bestselling , ‘The New Vegan’ of Vegan’s Gone Wild. The food wise trifecta has made their name at their world famous ‘The New Vegan’ Delray Beach, Florida.  The word is out additional gourmet food trucks are invited to participate.

Flamingo – Vintage Pound Grand Opening Menu include ‘tastes of chickn’,  that isn’t – it is a succulent take on ‘jackfruit’ and chickpea.  For those who love breakfast 24 hours a day order up the TNV toasty waffle delight with farm fresh organic strawberries and just a dollop of Pena Colada  Yummii Frozen Liquor Bars ™ on top.

Also on the menu is the debut of Monsieur Poutine ™, an unabashedly savory collage of french-fried potatoes, beef gravy, and squeaky-fresh cheese curds.  “Did someone say low carb diet food?” says Catherine and Youri  Milfort.  This is  the quickest fix for a case of the munchies or a dog sled trip across the frozen tundra.   Youri, a native of Montreal, “hey”, boasts this is the  province’s gastronomic achievement reaching dizzying heights. Let Quebec be forever known as the place where poutine began.  Ask for a chaser of Code Rum ™ on ice for the perfect pairing.

“The event serves as a follow-up to the 4 day Swim the Globe  an official Swim Week activation, confirms Jennifer Sclafani, of  Showroom 305 and the Miami Fashion Collective a founder of the  burgeoning fashion-centric FAD District.

French – Spanish Vintners, from the Blue Bear International Corp, and purveyors of healthy edibles from gourmet organic baby food to plump Spanish olives will  be sampling throughout the two days. The menu is paired with beverages that include a blissful blend of  Soul Cachaca ™ and Pure Brazilian Coconut Water ™ poured pink from the sustainable coconut shell . For each bottle sold of PBCW the creators under the stewardship of CEO – Founder, Rob Paladino is replanting 1 square foot of the Amazon Rain Forest.   Rum Barcelo™ is blending signature cocktails with infusions of tropical seasonal fruit from our back yards.

Pump  up the volume on that unique fashion statement while being kind to our environment by reducing waste from fast disposable fashion.  Confirms Daniel, “Many items sell within minutes of their arrival at a fraction of the cost one finds at posh boutiques and mass market outlets.  Every item at Flamingo, Vintage Pound is one of a kind. No chance of seeing your body double at your next outing.  Hesitate  and that ‘must have’ is gone forever.”

Take Brielle, a recent Miami Ad School Graduate prepping for her first position at the esteemed Ogilvie Ad Agency or Axelle, a 18 year-old fashion model. The two are gearing up to win Flamingo’s mad dash at the Grand Opening sneak preview Saturday – September 22, 2018.  Axelle admits she was on the hunt for a pair of tight distressed jeans with a boot cut and the only problem she  encountered was the selection exceeded the need.  Buying by the pound “I bought three pairs for what would be the average price at a mall or posh boutique.  Two pairs for me and one for my bestie”.  Confirm’s Jennifer Sclafani, of Miami Fashion Collective, and founder of  Swim the Globe – “With the arrival of  Flamingo Vintage Pound is just one more anxiously anticipated addition to our burgeoning fashion destination.

Special thank you- gratzie tanti – Merci Beaucoup -Gracias a – Printopia – Meishan, Nicole, Serge Achilles  – James Quinlan –