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Utilitarianism Fashion Trend

If we see the 2017 fashion resort, designers like from Isabel Marant to A.L.C. have made military pieces as work wear and their vibes are super professional. Now is the right time to add boiler suits, patch pocket-accented skirts, pants and dresses into your walk-in wardrobe because work-wear is now in trend.
Mainstream media has managed to do one thing: tempt more people towards buying dresses which people don’t like and which does not get old. Fashions by its very nature vary by seasons because it relies on the constant variation of aesthetic notions due to which brands surplus the clothes which does not get old by time. One of them is Utilitarianism Fashion Trend of 2017.

Most of the women capture military vibe by choosing an army style utility jacket and stripes usually go with army jackets easily.

You’ll find many variations on the army jacket, including the military vest. Vests are also very common for the military touch; fashion designers are comparing them with the shawls now. What they all have in common are details like epaulets, top stitching, zippers, tab sleeves, and brass buttons.

Tip: An army jacket with camo pants and heavy combat boots will make you look like you actually belong in the armed forces so please remember always wear the utilitarian look head- to- toe an army jacket with skinny jeans and sandals.



Utilitarian look can be quite masculine, so for softening up the masculine image you need some feminine touch. Safari style clothing like this stone linen dress looks pretty in this shapely wrap style.  You should try it with strappy wedges, lots some interlaced leather and gold rustic jewelry and a sophisticated bag to look more refined and ladylike.

Other ways to make the Utilitarian look more feminine might be to wear your skirt a little shorter, try a drapery or soft fabric and emphasize your womanly waist with a great belt.






The colors of the utilitarian look can be rather dull on their own – olive, navy, camel and black so this season designers are showing this look with a touch of bright color or a big, fun pattern thrown in. For example, here’s a classic military color scheme with a plain print. Another option might be a bright pink purse. The bold pattern/color catches you off guard and gives this utilitarian outfit a modern twist.

Yellow and Orange are also popular bright that are being combined with the utilitarian palette.

Cotton blouses for a better combination
Woven, cotton blouses and tops can be found in just about every style you can imagine. They’re a stylish yet easy complement to just about any olive or utilitarian looking bottom you can imagine.

On a mannequin in Nordstrom, I saw a pair of olive green, wide legged, cropped pants, paired with a white cotton, pop-over tunic, and topped with a cropped tweed jacket. The proportions were very interesting—I’ll try to snap a picture to add to my blog soon.

Other neutrals to enhance
By other neutrals, I mean khaki, ivory, other shades of olive and black. The literal translation of the Utilitarianism fashion trend includes: oversize cargo pockets, boxy shapes, and rip stop fabrics equipped with drawstring cords and toggles. For the sleekest look, choose one piece, i.e. pants, with moderate details, and keep the rest of your outfit rather tame so people do not think that you’ve joined the army or are going on a safari.

The military shades with black is least “fashionable,” yet it’s super easy to wear and always classic. I think it’s always a great idea to have fallback outfits to span the years.

Feminine, light colors
Lighter shades of olive, especially, look great with mid-tones and pastels. The entire mood is softened and more feminine. Feel free to experiment with juxtaposing masculine pieces with feminine ones for a really interesting outfit.

Balance is important
The key to utilitarian women dressing is balancing oversized proportions with tailored pieces and complementing sporty looks with decidedly feminine silhouettes and materials that you can tuck in or layer smoothly. Embrace girlish accents like delicate jewelry and French-knotted scarves. If you go with too much military action people might end up thinking about you are leaving for a war torn area so the key factor of utilitarian fashion sense is that you proportionate your dress and try to make it simple and elegant.

The utilitarian fashion trends remind us about Da Vinci because he had a utilitarian purpose too– Leonardo always championed inventions that had innovations which become new trends for the society like he introduced mirror fashion, where all the letters were backwards. He also designed the world’s very first armored vehicle in 1485. Da Vinci took a regular automotive and added turrets and cannons to it so the vehicle was protected from all angles against an attack. While it sounds cool, this vehicle also needed eight drivers to handle the cannons and move it in any direction.

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