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The Best Fashion Shows To Attend

Get set for a flight Los Angeles – Paris and vice versa; as well as to the city of Milan, New York, London and Chicago, as we present to you the best fashion show events to attend around the world.

From the fashion weeks in Los Angeles, to those in Paris, London, New York and Milan, here are the best fashion shows to attend this year:

  1. Paris Fashion Week

Perhaps one of the most popular and most attended fashion shows in the world, the Fashion Week in Paris features various designer presentations which are held twice yearly in the French capital of Paris. The fashion shows have the spring/summer events as well as the autumn/winter show events.

The dates for the Fashion Week are usually determined by France’s Fashion Federation and are held in various venues in the City of Light.

In this fashion event, shows for men, haute couture and RTWs are organized. Famous brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Céline, Louis Vuitton, and others host their fashion shows every year in various centers around Paris.

The Fashion Week in Paris is among the fashion weeks dubbed as the Big Four, alongside the fashion weeks in London, New York and Milan.

The fashion shows in these big cities begin in New York, and then in London, followed by Milan and ending in Paris.

This recent years you could feel that Chicago is on the mood to celebrate fashion also. You can still grab your flight Chicago – Paris before LA Fashion week

An independent partnership with Chicago established business, Fashion Week offers a platform for independent fashion designers, producers and models.

FASHION WEEK was created to increase economic development in the area of fashion design, merchandising and modeling by working with all facets of the fashion industry to popularize, promote and celebrate the creative and artistic fashion culture and within the Chicago metro area

  1. The LA Fashion Week

This is a Fashion Week which holds twice in a year in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Biannually, many fashion show producers host fashion events in Greater LA, precisely in months of March as well as October. Traditionally, the 3rd weekend in these months are dedicated to the start of the fashion events.

However, recently, independent show producers have been timing Fashion Week-related events to come a bit aligned with the Los Angeles Fashion Market Week.

  1. The Fashion Week in London

The London Fashion Week is a fashion trade show which takes place biannually in London in February as well as in September.

The fashion show showcases more than 250 fashion designers to the international audience of popular retailers and media. As mentioned earlier, the LFW is part of the Big Four fashion weeks.

  1. The New York Fashion Week

Also one of the most attended fashion show in the world and part of the Big Four, the NYFW holds biannually in February as well as in September. The series of fashion events usually last for seven to nine days. During these fashion events, fashion collections of international tastes are presented to buyers, the public and the press.

The W is a replication of the older series of fashion events known as the “Press Week,” which was founded in the year 1943.

  1. The Milan Fashion Week

This fashion trade event is held twice yearly in the fashion-conscious city of Milan, Italy.

It is an autumn/winter fashion show which holds every February/March in the year. The spring/summer version holds every September/October every year.

The fashion week was established in the year 1958 as part of the global Big Four fashion events.

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