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Published Monthly / 12 issues per year

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About Elle Magazine
Elle includes news and discussions of beauty, but also covers a variety of other issues that affect women. Politics, news, relationships, and other major topics are discussed from a woman’s perspective.


Published Monthly / 12 issues per year

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About Vogue Magazine
2015 National Magazine Award Winner for Magazine of the Year! Vogue Magazine is designed for the woman who wants to stay on top of all the latest fashion trends in clothes, accessories, beauty, and art. Each issue of Vogue Magazine contains pages of information on the latest styles, plus interviews, news, and who’s who features.


Published Monthly / 12 issues per year

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About Glamour Magazine
2015 National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence!! Glamour Magazine offers expert advice for young women on fashion, beauty, careers, love, and relationships. Glamour shows you how to get your body in shape. How to get the pros’ best makeup tips and techniques.

Harper's Bazaar

Published Monthly / 10 issues per year

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About Harper’s Bazaar Magazine
Harper’s BAZAAR is a fashion magazine for women who demand the best. It contains high-profile designers, photos that reflect different styles, and other high-brow fashion news.


Published Monthly / 12 issues per year

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About Cosmopolitan Magazine
The best-selling young women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine helps women achieve their personal and professional goals. Each issue offers advice on interpersonal relationships, fashion and beauty tips, insights into the working world for women, information on eating healthy and exercising right, and articles on how to balance a busy schedule and reduce stress. Cosmo’s credo is to help young, ambitious, and fearless women get the most out of their lives.

Marie Claire

Published Monthly / 12 issues per year

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About Marie Claire Magazine
Marie Claire Magazine is a fashion, beauty and shopping magazine for women of the world.


Published Monthly / 10 issues per year

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About Latina Magazine
Latina Magazine is the definitive fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine for Latina women. Latina Magazine is committed to helping each reader attain her maximum potential. Monthly coverage includes the latest information on fashion, beauty, health and fitness, career and educational opportunities, money management, parenting advice, and food and travel, as well as profiles of achievers and celebrities.


Published Quaterly / 4 issues per year

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About Redbook Magazine
Redbook Magazine is America’s only reality-based fashion and beauty magazine. We put chic within reach for every woman, whatever her body type and bank account. And because she loves a good deal, we scour the market for fashion, accessories and decor finds priced to make her smile. Redbook is every reader’s personal shopper and stylist, curating only the very best and showing her how to make it work in her life.

Sew News

Published / 6 issues per year

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About Sew News Magazine
Sew News Magazine offers ideas, inspiration, and techniques for fashion and home decorating sewers. Sew News Magazine offers complete projects in every issue, as well as resource information for sewers of all skill levels.

Teen Vogue

Published monthly / 10 issues per year

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About Teen Vogue Magazine
Tailored to sophisticated teen sensibilities, Teen Vogue Magazine addresses a full range of teenage interests from celebrities, movies, music, and shopping to peer pressure, body image, and self-identity. Teen Vogue Magazine also features fashions that retain their sophistication while remaining affordable.


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