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UK Maje, successful Brand story

For the most part, weather has played an integral part in how we dress. There are days when it is warm or hot and those that are cold. Sometimes it is just humid and cool, but nonetheless, we still have to be wary of what to wear. Nowadays, there are numerous brands and acquiring fine clothing is somewhat easier. So, it is more of knowing when to wear that favorite top, or when to drop your sneakers and opt for leather flat-soled shoes. For women, it is a complex process of picking what to wear.

Each day can present a different challenge and it becomes difficult to decide on a chunky loafer or knee-high boots! Dresses can be considered stylish but not sufficient to keep you warm in the low temperatures on cooler seasons. This is why most designers create look books and launch season collections. Sifting through a look book during the colder months means you can actually look stylish and keep warm. An office-ready dress can be stylish and go with everything, including some key accessories such as watches and even an anklet.

You can mix and match them with leather belts even when they have solid colors that are not usually associated with a 9 to 5 schedule. If you decide to have an evening out, perhaps pairing it with a denim jacket and a scarf will set heads turning due to the alluring sense of taste. A skirt with a corseted waist and collar detail matched with booties mean you strut around in a high fashion sense, but don’t forget a blazer for the chilly morning and cold evening. You can almost never go wrong with a leather bag. Just make sure it is not large enough to insinuate that you are traveling but it should be small enough to be comfortable to carry around. Finally, one aspect of fashion that most ladies get wrong is with accessories, especially jewelry.

A minimalist necklace can go with almost any type of dress code be it official or casual attire. It is even better when it has a mid-sized pendant. You can check up more looks here; Maje UK –

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